Suggested Line

Dear Turn 10/ Microsoft studios.
I really do hope you are all aware of the fact that the suggested racing line is not paint you draw on the track right? It’s an imaginary line to help people navigate the track. Emphasis on IMAGINARY! the line is something in the the racer’s head. It shouldn’t be affected by weather or climate. There are times when during bright weather that line is invisible so much so that you could as well race without. It’s an imaginary line…!! Yes for noobs and or people trying out different braking points. Imaginary! Keep the weather out of it and make that thing visible all the time for people who opt to have it there. Rain shouldnt cover it, sunshine shouldn’t dim it and night shouldn’t affect its visibility. Thank you.


It’s realistic that it doesn’t show in rain/sun directly on it.

Drive on a damp street with sunlight reflecting on it and you’ll barely see the lane dividers.

I don’t see what the problem is here as it’s realistic?

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Did you really just argue that a depiction of an imaginary line was realistic?


Sonic6L, I think you are missing the point. The OP is arguing that the racing line shouldn’t appear realistically. I tend to agree with them.

The racing line is a HUD element and should be visible regardless of the weather conditions or track layout. Imagine if your speedometer or map was super dim or obscured every time you raced on a particular track or hit a particular corner. Its extremely annoying when the racing line is not visible because it gets treated as parted of the environment rather than part of the HUD.

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No, I got the point.

So by that logic, if using the cockpit view, you don’t want to see any dials obscured in any shape or form by sunlight? Currently when using cockpit view, depending on where the sunlight is, different areas of the dash get blocked out so your argument is nonsensical.

I wouldn’t want to see a racing line or the HUD/In car dash elements the way you describe it. It takes away from the realism IMO albeit seeing a racing line isn’t realistic in the slightest. I think it’s fine the way it is.

No, you clearly missed the point.

My point is, the imaginary line is there but it’s a realistic depiction of it when it comes to how it’s viewed on the track.

I’m not talking about the speedometer in the dash, I’m talking about the one the game projects onto your screen (aka a Heads Up Display, or HUD). This element is always visible, even with rain spraying onto your windshield or with all your headlights broken in a pitch black night. It’s an artificial display created for the video game. It’s an aid that provides information about the game world.

The racing line should be treated in the same manner. It is an aid, so what’s the point of having an aid if it isn’t visible sometimes? Is it also acceptable for a first-person shooter to have the targeting reticule disappear when you’re staring in the general direction of the sun? Because I believe most FPS players would tell you No.

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I just have to complain about one thing: on some combinations of tracks and cars with A LOT of power, the braking line is red miles before you’re supposed to brake. It’s not well calibrated.

  • the fast and furious Plymouth GTX, maxed out for speed, on La Sarthe (Virage de Mulsanne’s corner)
  • Ford GT 2005, with a lot fo power, on Homestead semi-oval
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And sometimes it goes red for slight bends where there’s no need to brake. Or on a straight if there’s a dip. It’s a bit daffy, that line.

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I have noticed this a few times with various cars/tracks however it’s not a be all end all, I use it as a suggestive line. I only have braking line on and often brake a split second after I see it turn red.

It is a suggested line. Not necessarily the best line. I use it as a guide. You cannot just follow it blindly.

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You all follow that line more then you know it just makes you worse with it off.
And because the line forces you to look down instead of straght ahead guess what it means the noobs at the back of the grid are looking down waiting for there noob line to light up red but guess what theres 20 cars infront of them so do you think they brake no.
That line creates more hell in this game i promise you that but because every uses it nobody listens.

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While it may not surprise you to learn you are not alone in feeling this way; do you really think your approach to the matter was constructive in any manner, what insight have you offered to encourage some to change, from what is now considered a “driving aid” to what I agree is instead a “teaching tool”? Perhaps its as simple as pointing out that if one will practice with the line “on” and overlap the track info as they drive, they might just start to notice the braking zones tend to line up with actual “visual ques” already on the track; perhaps it will take a little more. In this thread alone, its already being noticed that they are slightly faster if they ignore certain aspects of the line, its just a matter of them now recognizing those “ques” and then defining Class markers and on down to individual car markers. Most of the track “ques” are fairly obvious while I’ve found others, apex/clipping-points are a little more subtle such as a “track/corner official”.


They cannot brake right becuase they can’t brake when they cannot see the line because a car is blocking their line.

Well I dont use the line and its an advantage when a car or cars are blocking my view because I brake when they do ( I look the the brake lights).

Hogwash. You don’t look down to follow the line any more than you look down to follow the road.

His approach to any matter never really seems constructive…


GT Sport has a way better system for this actually teaches you. Giving you assistance with cones and other types of markers you can turn on without any need for a brake line. I would like to see that system in Forza.