Street outlaws style drag racing league (custom lobby)

Just an idea, would anyone be interested in this sort of thing? If your familiar with the tv show street outlaws, i was thinking of creating a league similar to the show, put your name below if your up for this and i will get the ball rolling and sort some rules out, also please let me know if this sort of thing is already about,
Just a little run down of the idea,

Top 10 fastest car ranks (maybe more depends on interest)
No time bragging just pure simple first across the line wins
Put your money where your mouth is betting (money exchanged through auction house when available)
Possible pink slip races (exchange through auction house when available)
Call outs for spot numbers in the ranks (rules will apply)
Championships with winner takes all cash rewards funded by myself

Hope people will be interested in this

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im down what time do u race im in central time

Sounds really fun, count me in. Shoot me a message if you can put something together!

Im down

I’m down for this, GT- Vinylicfire

Great stuff, i will make some rules up and drop everyone a message near to the time i get this going, i will also update this post too, ideally we could do with 10 people in total (including myself) to start with so we all can try get together and have a little championship so we all get a place in the ranks

I’m interested in doing this. My gamertag is Spunk1985

im up for this. GT- xUKx Blitz

I’m keen. Gt- xdarkestunicorn

gt - mxblaster292 . shoot me a message, got a couple of drag clubs i could invite ppl to.

This is still in the works guys, having a few home issues atm but i will get this started asap

If this gets going count me in. Probably won’t be full time as I do a lot with my team on a few different sims but I would enjoy participating when I can. Gt- Dr PiiHB

Would love to see a Street outlaw dlc pack similar to the fast and furious dlc. Maybe with the experimental drag they would let us stage and bump in to build boost. And tune for a two step! This would attract alot of gamers I feel.

Just wondering if this is still going? I tried something similar, but it was hard to coordinate. Check out the following link:

I’d be down for something like this, I just made a post looking for a group hmu if this is still happening