Looking to host a Drag Racing Ranking Challenge

Looking for a good amount of Drag Racers. This Challenge wil be either A, or B Class Drags. I want American muscle Cars Year 99 and under. What i’m looking to get going here, is have 10 or more drag racers on a ranking list. You would only be able to call out 1 drag ranking on the list. The Rankings will be determined, off drag times. Then the call outs begin. When i see a good amount of drag racers, the car specs will be released. Then you guys can start building cars.


Do you have a scheduled timeline in mind?

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It’ll most likely be on weekends. Do you have any drag racing friends?

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Been out of the forza scene for awhile, recently getting back in to it though.

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I usually build up my cars using forzatune app on android…I am always looking to drag race. I suck at the circuit races

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I would be in for A class, if enough people join. I might have a buddy that would be interested too. Is this going to be specifically for tracks? I ask because I used to “street race” in Forza 6 in the test track by the shipping containers; the starting line was the start of the loading dock and the finish line was the tunnel through the building at the end.

Our rules were:

  • A Class
  • Front Engine
  • RWD
  • No Engine Swaps!

Everything Else is fair game.

I’ll allow V8 engines no Race engines. No all wheel drive. All 99 and under muscle cars. If you can get drag racers please let me know.

I’d certainly be very interested. This would be drag racing on the dedicated strips?


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Thank you. My apologies for the n00b question, but after a 6-year hiatus, that’s the only title I deserve!

Would it be on all of the strips or the same one every time?

I’m good for weekend racing but my job gets me home every other weekend, if your good with that I’m in.
Send me a friend request and I will accept it nxt time I’m home.

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Really need to know which track we are running on so I can get my tunes finalized. Furthermore, what are the rules if you decide to change cars after the list has started; work your way back up from the bottom?

Also, I got my buddy Sidewinder55z to join the league; so send friend requests when we are ready to start.


I sent friend request to all of you who have posted to this forum so far. My buddy Sidewinder55z and I are seriously interested in getting this league/list going. If we can’t get this one posted by TLP STaLLiOnO started, then we are proposing the following:

  1. Street racing, not track! We used to street race behind the terminal in the Forza test track; the starting line is the start of the loading dock by the shipping containers and the finish line is the tunnel under the terminal. Street racing sets the tuners apart from those who just throw parts at the car and hope the track can hold the power.
  2. A Class only
  3. Engine swaps are legal (excluding the race engine)
  4. RWD only
  5. American made 1999 and older
  6. Manual with clutch
  7. Full damage on
  8. Whoever is not racing will flag the race via reverse lights. Assuming we have enough people, another person not racing in that race will sit at the finish line to confirm who won and keep everyone honest.

If you are interested in either league (this one or the one posted by TLP STaLLiOnO) respond to this post or private message. If you have an issue with any of the rules specified in this post, let me know and we can discuss them. Also, please tell any of your friends that you think might be interested in this league!


Anybody up for a race night Friday, July 27th, per the rules above?

Lets get it going

Will be home this Tuesday night till Friday, will check the friends request then and do
some fine tuning on couple of my cars to see which ones I want to use. Pertaining to
switching cars I think it should be between race nites not during race nite as long as
they meet the race requirements. You didn’t specify weight of car.

Have a good-n


We don’t have a minimum weight requirement as of right now. Mostly because the American made cars that are close to 2000 pounds run out of PI before you get enough power. For example, I tired building the Chevy Vega with a V8 swap and I barely had 500HP before I exceeded the A Class PI.

Also, we had to change the track from the test track to the back stretch on Sebring, because the free roam around the test track was taken away. On Sebring we run the track in reverse, there are 4 white lines after the final turn (if you weren’t running in reverse) and you will see a couple of signs on the right that say 100, 200, 300; the start line is the first white line and the finish line is a white, orange and black tractor trailer on the left with USA & German flags (its approximately 1308-1312 feet away from the first white line).

Let me know if you have any other questions.


We are shooting for 9:30 PM EST-US.

Is there a day of the week that works best for everyone else?