Stop adding “Earn x million skill score” challenges

If I wanted to waste about an hour of my free time going back and forth on the airport or the highway getting drift skills and near misses, I would do just that. The only “challenging” part about this is that it just takes an unnecessarily long amount of time for the sake of getting only 100 forzathon points (200 if you have the point doubler). Other than that it’s so simple even an ape with a controller can do it given enough time. Some people might point out you also get skill points to spend on your cars by doing this. But as I said at the beginning, if I wanted to do that, I can do so at any time, WITHOUT the car class restriction. Whether it takes 10 minutes, an hour, or maybe a few hours, if something is challenging only because it consumes a lot of time, it’s not challenging it’s just boring as hell. This is the 3rd week in a row we get these challenges and I still don’t see any reason why people would like doing this


Thank you for the feedback.

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