Skill score weekly Forzathons

What is wrong with whoever thinks these earn X skill score in Y car are a good idea!?

It’s not fun, it’s not challenging, it’s just a boring, pointless grind.


Shoudnt take long
Took me about 20 minutes down at the sand dunes

Especially because the counter sometimes resets like “you had fun doing the grind so far, right?RIGHT?! I got good news for you”
Had 1.6M on the Corrado, joined a friend’s session - 0.
Had 900k, ran an event - 0.

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Well, that explains what’s been happening to me then. I was up early yesterday morning to get the 7 million skill score in the Offroad class to finish out the winter Forzathon challenges, I was almost finished grinding so I took a break and joined a Forzathon Live… everything reset.

We are currently aware of the issue and are looking into it.

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That’s fair enough, but what about us players that did the 7m one but had our skill scores reset every single time we started new sessions or did things outside of freeroam? Will we get 100 points added for that? Will we players get 100 points added for losing our progress with this new weekly challenge? Or is it a big Foxtrot Oscar to the players that wasted time with that challenge?

Had my progress actually saved, I and many others, would have easily and fairly got the 100 points for Winter.

7m was a bit much, but 2m was fine, I did 1m of it in one skill song.

2M is too much (I got the 7M for the previous one, the 2M for the current one and will begrudgingly get 5M for the next one…).
Any amount is pointless. It’s just such a cheap, [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] ‘challenge’. Give us a speed zone or drift zone challenge, something that would actually be challenging, not just a mindless chore.

Same. The only disappointing thing about it is that it has to be done with a car that has no useful car masteries. It takes ages to build up your multiplier.

I think they want to normalize the separate chore of grinding skill points for the cars they give us during forzathons. I do think fixing the quota resets need to come first though, otherwise it becomes more tedious than doing the task and grinding skill points separately.

I am never a fan of restricted cars. The game forces me to drive stuff I have no interest in driving. But 2M is pretty easy and I am gonna grind skill points anyway as I like to fully perk out any car that I like. But I got this whole thing done in a 6 minute skill song ripping up the dunes. I will never drive that Corrado again though.

Doing the offroad 7 million took less, interestingly, than doing 2 million in the Corrado.

For the Offroad I was using Land Rover III FE, and I had the luck of doing 3 mil during a skill song, then another 3 mill during another skill song. So it took me roughly 15 minutes (in total, not all at once).

For the Corrado it felt like ages, waiting for that multiplier to increase, being such a useless car when it comes to skills, it was so tedious to farm 2 million. And no luck for a skill song.