Could please, PLEASE, adjust the amount of points/skills that are required to finish the #Forzathon to the amount of players doing it?!

It’s hard to finish this task, because only a small amount of players is doing these and I have to do them alone most of the time and I’m never able to finish them!

Please do something about this. It’s really frustrating!

Thanks in advance!


i agree. with multiple events every 15 minutes its harder to get a fair group of people and you only have 10 minutes now to travel to and complete 3 events its just absurd. on top of that the seasons challenlenges + achievement to complete the series is tied into that

even with a small group 10 minutes just isnt enough time to do it all in. people cant seem to join in late after it starts, so why not have the points limited to the number of people who are in the circle when the event starts?

its frustrating enough just being disconnected from the servers all the time. but to get in a big enough group of randoms to complete a forzathon is just absurd. im getting 3300+ ft jumps off this airstrip danger zone in my koenigsigg jesco and then immediately fast travelling all the way back and doing it again and even alone it takes over 5 minutes just to complete 1 event using the fastest car in the game. theres no way i could do all of this by myself or even with a small group of people. i think ive managed to make it to the 3rd round once, but we pretty much ran out of time when we reached the destination for the bullseye event.

i wouldnt even care to bother with this except ill never be able to complete an entire series and get the achievement without completing one of these things each week. last year i was able to pop all of the achievements and even winning the eliminator in that level 1 starting car wasnt anywhere as ridiculous as trying to do one of these forzathons now with the way they have changed thiings

at the very least drop it back to 15 minutes of time limit just to give us a chance, and even then that wont be enough if theres only a few people in the group. or do it once an hour and only have one event just so more people will show up to do them. the way it is now is just asking too much, and i doubt i’ll ever find any more then 2 or 3 other random people to do them with because after dealing with the same frustrations that i am, nobody else is going to want to bother with them either. its just a rotten experience as it stands right now. theyve made forzathons really, really bad this year. its just not fun at all, like it should be.


Three events going at once every fifteen minutes is way too many, spread out way too much. Nobody’s doing them. It’s going to the point that nobody does them BECAUSE nobody does them. This needs to be changed, especially if it’s going to be a requirement for Forzathon. Either go back to the 1 event every hour, or as suggested, scale the points to be reasonable based on the number of people actively competing. I know the idea is that these require the server to work together, but you’ve prevented that from happening by flooding the server with events. If we can’t do them alone, they aren’t going to get done.


I doubt they’re gonna implement scaling. People wanted it a lot in FH4 but PG thought they knew best and never added it and only added an extra 5 minutes and called it good. They’re probably gonna do the same thing in FH5 with the additional 5 minutes and a quick fix for connections and that’s it. Because clearly they think the catch phrase, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Us the consumers are saying there’s a problem, but they don’t really see it and seem to think it’s fine. In turn they implement what they think is best and do nothing else. So all I have to say is, probably don’t expect them to change or fix much with seasonal pr stunts or Horizon Arcade.

The only downside though to scaling is players could purposely join the event and then do nothing to intentionally increase the requirement for the other players. The best way around this is to implement a timer that starts when a player is inactive too long. Say like if 10-15 seconds have gone by and they’ve contributed nothing to the score, then start a count down of 20 seconds or so before they get kicked for inactivity. That way it keeps players engaged rather than mooching off of others and prevents intentionally scaling the event.

problem with that though is in some of the events like, like speed zones, it might take upwards of 30 seconds to make any impact on the score, so that kind of system might think you’re inactive and boot you if your not fast enough.

the best option is jus to lower the scores you need across the board. if it makes it too easy when there 10+ people then so be it. we all know a month from now participation is going to drop off significantly

Participation currently is 1… me! (in the ones I get to)

Not entirely sure ‘what’ significant numbers you can get from a solo player :confused:

Big problem with that is that if you’re not fast enough you don’t get points from rounds you didn’t add any points to.
In FH4 if there was a lot of players sometimes you only had time for two attemps at jumps, speed traps or drift zones.

That was just a suggestion time frame, it could be longer if need be. Lowering the requirements across all boards would reduce the difficulty which would in turn make the forzathon shop inflate in price due to too many people with a high amount of points. Then that reduction in score requirement would be useless. There has to be some sort of scaling feature for how many are participating. I’m probably just not that good at explaining how it should work. :frowning:

I wouldn’t necessarily say its just there being too many events at once and with a reduced timer compared to FH4, which I’m not quite sure I agree with by the way, or is this being more of a technical problem.

I have tried to complete, according to the game itself as well, over 20, possibly even 30 now, Arcades, managing only a single lvl 3 three completion out of all of them (maybe two, but I’m not sure).

My wife and myself have had a multitude of technical issues with them. These include;

People being present in the circle, but phasing in and out, never really knowing how many, if any, are actually present, and participating.
Even us two, being in the same convoy are not showing to each other whilst doing the exact same event, me on PC and wife on Series S. This convoy issue persist otherwise as well mind, not just in this particular event.

The other, and more annoying problem is that I can see other people doing the same event, let’s say a speed zone. I have had a situation where I’ve seen at least 3-4 others doing it, but the only one whose score is tallied is mine. The other people there do not contribute points towards my point total. I even had a random person joining my convoy, and even though they were in my convoy, doing the exact same activity, only my points were added to the point total on my screen.

This has happened multiple times as well. Drift, speed, mini-games etc, all of them have had the same issue of not counting everyone’s points together, at least for me.

Trying to solo these events is a total pain, I can just about manage lvl 1 completion fairly often, but that’s where that ends, and its frustrating since you need one full completion for the seasonal.

Its a shame that most of the multiplayer options in FH5 seem, at least currently, to be screwed, on way or another. The Eliminator is not working properly, Playground games the same, Arcade the same.

The single player portion if you will and the actual game itself is superb, I think its a step up from FH4 in pretty every possible way, but these technical issues are really bad in multiplayer-oriented stuff.

Maybe when they fix the server disconnect issues and the Forzathon point doubling for owning the house I suspect people will start participating. I agree with what everyone has commented on regarding the frequency of the Forzathons. They need to reevaluate the frequency of the events and move them back to hourly and take them back to 15 minute completion time. Only way you can do a 10 minute Forzathon is with fast travel which not many have yet. I am not going to do any Forzathons until they fix the point doubling problem and the fix the server connection problems.

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I did notice, yesterday, that more people were taking part…still not enough to complete 3 rounds most of the time but still more as the servers were much more stable (only had 1 disconnect in almost 5 hours of playing)

There needs to be only 1 event running at any one time, 2 or 3 people might join then.

I’ve only completed 3 rounds once, on premium release day there were actually a few people trying.

I’m 12/20 to getting the reward Lotus, mostly by completing the 1st round on my own.

The mini event mode needs to get rid of the pause between tasks. The Air Target one need to explain to people to go under the airship to get the first target and the route of targets to appear.

It would also be better if there wasn’t a 2 minute drive to get to the next round! We only get 10mins total…

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