Sticky Walls and car bogging down?

Not sure if it’s been discussed, but here is the issue I’m experiencing:

If I’m driving and, for whatever reason, my car slides against a wall, my car will come to a complete stop (even from speeds near 100-200+mph), and when I roll back onto the road, the car refuses to accelerate or move for like 5-10 seconds. This is happening a lot and I’m losing lots of races because of it. It’s almost like the walls grab you and don’t let you off and when you are able to roll back onto the road, you car is stalled for a bit.

This happens with simulation damage off, so it’s stumping me. I don’t play with sim damage on, so I don’t know if it happens with that setting too.

Yes they have finally put something in place to stop wallriding.

Stay on the track and it won’t happen.

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If you have nothing positive to add to the discussion, then don’t post at all.

Intentional “wall riding”, as you put it, is not what is being discussed here.

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We can discuss things without making accusations. The walls are intended to stop cars, as has been said to prevent the wall riding (cheating). If a car comes into contact with the walls, that is going to happen whether that is that the intent of the driver or not.

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And that’s why I’m a one time customer. I buy a game to put it in and play. Seems like in today’s world, nothing works right and you never get what you pay for. I guess one literally has to live on the forums to play a game, which means you never get to play the game. Nowhere in the game does it state you have to check the forums 24/7 to see how they’re changing the game every other day. Ridiculous. So I get smashed into the wall and then the wall stalls my car? Seems like another useless addition from T10 that is supposed to deal with cheaters, but all it does is ruin regular people’s game when wreckers purposely ram them into it.

This game shouldn’t be marketed as a simulator when they purposely add in things that aren’t real, like sticky walls and everything else. I honestly think I’m gonna ask for a refund, especially since I purchased the some DLC that is no longer allowed online except for drifting.

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good luck with getting a refund…wont get a refund for the reasons you are saying

they aren’t changing things everyday, been like it for a while

report the crashers and move on

Do it then. No one’s going to beg you to stay.
You obviously never raced Bernese Alps on FM 5. It was a wallriders paradise. No more.

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My apologies if you think I was calling you a cheater.

Your first post mentions nothing about other players pushing you into the wall.

With your simulation comment the problem is will every player simulate real world racing behaviour where they are scared for their life and where real car damage is a thing not something that is auto repaired at the end of every race.

Therefore steps are taken to deal with the cheaters and sure sometimes the legit players get caught up in it.

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I also just realized that they have made the walls sticky. I’m not sure it’s all of them maybe just strategic locations. It happened to me on rio when running 2 wide in sim league through a tight corner. We bumped a little and I ended up touching the wall as I exited, then the car proceeded to come to a complete stop and performed a cool stoppie with the rear end coming up off the ground. It was crazy, but I don’t usually hit walls so it’s not really a huge issue for me, still it’s not ideal.

Yeah that’s the main problem I have with it…people bump you and you tap the wall and BAM car stops running and they get ahead. I think the wreckers caught on to this and use it to their advantage now. They should go back to non-sticky walls and just give a time penalty to people who ride walls. That would maintain the realism because in real life that’s how it works: time penalties for infractions, but the race goes on…your time is adjusted at the finish and final placements are chosen. Sticky walls, grass, etc are not the answer.

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I am glad they did something that stops the wall-riding. My only gripe would be that the feature is to aggressive. The same was true of the sticky grass from previous versions of the game. It is a bit of an aggravation when you brush the wall and it brings you to a crawl. To make matters worse, it takes a second or 2 before the clutch kicks in after you press the button after you’ve been ground to a hault.