Static Noise

I loved FM 4 so much that I skipped 5 and just continued to play 4. I have been very excited for FM 6, even played the demo, which is not like me. I started to notice that I was getting these static like sounds all over the place while racing. At first I ignored it and wrote it off as being the one car or track, no big deal, but that’s not the case. After going through the forums I noticed that this was a problem in Forza 5! This static noise is constant and beyond annoying after playing for a while. This is really ruining the game for me. There are other audio issues that are terribly disappointing as well, but we will leave those to their respected threads.

I can’t help but feel cheated after learning this was an issue in FM5.
This has to be fixed doesn’t it?
How can you release a game to loyal customers knowing it has such a major audio problem???

The game is amazing, and I understand how much hard work, time, and money goes into making something as amazing as a FM game, but the static noise needs to be fixed

I don’t think this has happened to too many people, not me at least.

I do get maybe a popping sound or two but very rarely. I was actually quite disappointed with the same generic sound for crashes or coming into contact with barriers/trackside objects. Sometimes when there’s a lot happening, you’ll hit the wall or make contact with another car, and no sound at all.

Anyway, the static audio bug was a problem in FM5 - exit the game, quit. Turn off your console completely (the power brick should be off too). Wait a minute or two. Turn on power, wait for the brick to go from white to amber, then power up.

Try this for FM6 too, might work. I think you might be the first person reporting this. Perhaps best to report this in the sub forum “FM6 Support”.

Im right there with GutterNinj,a Im also having the same problem.

I’m getting a pretty constant tone signal and some intermittent static. I’ve put probably 40+ hrs into the game so far and it’s always there during racing. Really annoying.

After resetting my system and power brick as suggested above, these noises have ceased. Hopefully they will stay gone long term… Having to do this frequently would be crappy.

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I went back and read more about the problem in FM5. They suggested, as someone above did, exiting the game, start button, quite game, and turn off system. I did this and it worked! I have not have any static noise since and have put in a lot of hours. It saved the game for me.

^^ Cheers to that!

You should get FM5 though as you’re missing out on the best engine sounds in a Forza game to date!