Car sound issues

I’m having digital degradation, crackling and fluctuation in volume on the car driving sounds. This is not due to the surround sound because it does the same with the tv sound aswell. I was wondering if anyone else has been subject to this problem. I have gone through all the checks with with no luck of resolving this issue.

I have not had any sound issues with Forza or watching TV.

I’ve had many sound issues with FM5. Sometimes it just starts getting filled with more and more static (in relation to in game noise, not just a constant white noise.) the longer you let it go (until restarting Forza), and other times (Only noticed it while online) certain engines will just stop making noise. Had the muted engine problem in an online hopper a few weeks back and complained about it in game, which encouraged 2 others in the same game saying they had the same issue happen at the same time, the strangest part was that some engines were still reving away only making shifting more difficult. I usually play with friends and most of them have talked about the same problems as well so, no, you are not the only one with these issues. Restarting Forza has always fixed it for me, which, I realize is not the best permanent solution, but with how occasional these problems are (for me) I’m fine with it not being fixed in FM5, given that they do something about it for the next installment.

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Yes m8 restarting the game fixes it for me and the static build up makes sense to me to. It’s looking part xbox one part forza 5 but without a definitive answer to the problem it’s a real bug bear to me personally. Thanks for the interesting thread though.