Starving for a Car Pack

Isn’t about time for another car pack? A few ‘Hits of the Decades’ or some other themed pack might be a nice change of pace from the usual hodge-podge packs. It’s definitely time for a few reinforcements.

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We’re getting 1-2 new cars every week, what more could you want?

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I can’t speak for the OP, but I’d like an interesting pack of cars with no prerequisite nonsense - not part of a Story or seasonal challenges that may put them out of reach for various reasons, just a traditional pack where you download it and have the cars.


Paraphrased, you want microtransactions so you don’t have to actually play the game.


Perhaps people with full time jobs, other hobbies, and family have limited spare time and would like to use that limited spare time to tune/paint/race with new cars instead of using that limited spare time to grind out repetitive challenges for the right to use new cars.


We’ve received free car packs in the past. Also, I’m happy to play for cars in my own time and at my own comfortable skill level. So I don’t necessarily want microtransactions… but I’ll certainly take them over having cars locked out of reach behind challenges I can’t complete, or lost to time because they’re part of a limited window seasonal challenge.


When people are willing to pay to not have to play, what does that say about what’s asked of them in-game?

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Playing is supposed to be fun, if a car pack comes out as an add on and it costs something it is still playing.
Being forced to work for something and not enjoying it in order to obtain a new car as part of an expansion to the base game is working for a reward.

I don’t come here to work, I come here to play after work.

Being forced to participate in events i don’t enjoy or drive cars i don’t like at all for hours on end just to obtain a car that’s free is actually work.
(if it takes me 5 hours to complete these challenges I could spend 5 hours at work and earn enough money to buy 30 car packs at $20 each)
I would rather work in my job for an extra 5 mins and buy the car as part of a pack each month and play the game doing what i actually enjoy. (painting, drifting, , drag racing, cruising)

Personally I don’t participate in circuit racing, I don’t like it at all & I don’t like multiplayer anything. Being forced to participate is not fun - especially when your forced to participate in events out of your capabilities such as win a championship in expert level when your racing skill’s are not even close to that.

In FH3 the monthly car pack was something to look forward to, it always had a mix of styles and you could buy a single car if desired - I much preferred that because my free time to play was not consumed by challenges and i was free to do as I wished with my time.

  • If the weekly prizes were a reward for an accumulation of points that you could earn doing things you actually like I would not have a problem with it at all.
    Accumulating points for paint downloads
    Accumulating points for PR stunts
    Accumulating points for any event you have participated in
    At the end of the week if you have enough points you collect the prize cars - that i would not have a problem with.

I am Forza Horizon 4 thy game, which have brought thee into the valley of LEGO, out of the main land of Britain.
Thou shalt have no other games before me.
Thou shalt make unto thee a ticket to submit.
Thou shalt not take the name of Playground Games thy developers in vain.
Remember the season change day, to keep it holy.
Honour thy trial and thy team games.
Thou shalt not cheat.
Thou shalt not quit.
Thou shalt not complain.
Thou shalt not bear false news to thy neighbour.
Thou shalt covet your neighbour’s car.
Thou shalt covet your neighbour’s rank, and their male or female character, their clothing and dances, and anything that belongs to your neighbour.
You shall set up this play list, which I command you today, at the gates of the Horizon Festival.


Right. But at this point if it was the ford pinto or chevy chevette packs, id happily take them.

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I’d happily take those at any point. :wink:

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Just like the guy said, traditional car packs where you download it and have the cars, that’s the way it should be and I agree. To hell with these story chapters challenges and festival seasonal challenges.

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Uhh, “more?” 1-2 a week does little to satisfy me when:

a) more often than not it’s of little interest to me (ive no real use for recent new cars like the apollo, rimac, etc as i really dont care for s2 hyperobnoxious stuff)

b) its gimmicky trash like tractors (i didnt presale ult ed to race farm equipment)

c) now that what i had been waiting for since release was ruined as soon as i got it by the aforementioned farm junk, i’d love a few grab bag packs as perhaps one will contain a tractor-killer or two, as well as some supplemental vehicles to round some groups out.

d) i suppose the drip-drip-drip of desireable new cars is fine, but ive got discretionary income to burn and id rather spend it on the thing i enjoy the most and if i could purchase three car packs right now i would in a heartbeat

I do not understand why i had to explain any of that.


You had to explain it because you invented limitations that don’t exist in reality. In reality PG can give us any car they want as a prize.


Is that a joke? Are you for real?

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Please, enlighten me. By the way, I’m talking about optional DLC CAR PACKS, something offered alongside what we’re getting now at a snails pace, not in place of it, just like in H3 where we were getting the 1 new car free each week from weekly forzathons as well as optional car packs every now and again.


I don’t really understand the distinction that you’re making between a prize car, and a DLC car? Apart from you get 6 all in one go, or you get 6 over 3 weeks? Being as driving two new cars a week is enough for most people I don’t see a distinction.

For the 35th time, I am talking about supplemental DLC, optional, for purchase, in addition to whatever hoops they want us to jump through for regular gameplay. Just like in H3, there was the weekly forzathon new ‘exclusive’ car and the option to buy into additional car packs once in a while. One did not preclude the other. I dont understand why you cant see the distinction. And i could not care less what other players are satisfied with; if theyre happy with the ONE (not two) new a week, plus likley repeats, maybe they missed some at first offering, then thats great. Great for them. Not great for those that stay on top of this game religiously, things get stale a lot quicker when you already have 75% of the ‘prizes’ offered a series and the odds of the remaining 25% are more often than not something unappealing. Is all that distinction enough for you?

We already had all the cars from the car pass plus a couple of extra car packs. I doubt Forza will have a second car pass. It seems unrealistic to expect one, so there’s no use acting surprised or rant about it. It hasn’t happened before that I know of. Personally I wasn’t expecting the opportunity to have the amount of new cars we’ve been getting so I’m pretty happy. I guess it won’t matter to people who only want to complain. No amount of content will ever be enough for the complainers.

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