Can we expect more carpacks?

Just found out that FH4 has almost 10 car packs, but FH5 currently has only 2 car packs after two DLC updates, is it possible that Playground will release new car packs in the future? :smiley:



FH4 benefited from numerous additional packs throughout its lifespan, as well as major content additions: eliminator, LEGO progression system used as the basis of the system in FH5, the modest sum of 3610 G-points (compared to a mere 2265 in the most recent opus), etc.
Aside from seasons that drag on and a few additions to game modes (night battles, pathfinder) and a few vehicles to guarantee a follow-up until the next opus / FM.
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In general FH4 doesn’t have that much more DLC cars in comparison to FH5. Content of Car Pass for FH5 just wasn’t split and sold separately as car packs (yet) :slight_smile:


It would be really awesome if FH5 had a Lego pack. I hope we see that in the future.

I am going to sit here and hope they put a “specific type of car” in a pack so the people who wish to plague themselves with underwhelming kitchen appliances may pay to do so… rather than subject the rest of us to their masochism lol

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I would say no, but there was a surprise late addition to FH4 (Hot Wheels Car Pack), so it’s not impossible, just unlikely.

In FM7 and FH4, after the car packs ended (and not all were in the Car Pass), free cars were given to players monthly or weekly, probably to keep up engagement due to the delayed launches of FM8 and FH5. That drip feeding method has continued in FH5 and looks to be ongoing there.

The lesser amount of tracks and cars so far announced for Forza Motorsport (compared to FM7) might mean that car and track packs could return in that.

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Bring more paid dlcs like hill climb cars pack,nascars,gt2, gt3,gt4,gte and more high performance car packs.

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I would certainly like to see more car packs, for sure. Along side the playlist reward cars. Only issue is garage space in the long run but that’s another ball of wax discussion.

I didn’t know there was a garage limit!

Yup, something that’s easily missed. It’s 1000 cars, FYI. Which is why car packs come with a little risk this late in the game, when it comes to collectors/tuners that are out there, such as myself.

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I did not know that! It is good to know!

That should be extended

I agree, which is why you should vote here:

Edit: lol….didn’t mean to copy such a negative post.

Let’s try again:


If there’s a DLC car pack it should be AlfaRomeo, Lancia, Fiat, and Abarth.


Wouldn’t that be nice. Remains a mystery….

A IMSA car pack perhaps? Such as c8 gt3 or Acura nsx gt3

wouldn’t increasing the tunes and livery limits from 500 to 1000 to match the garage limit be more beneficial

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the car packs in fh4 were mostly just double ups of the cars that were in the car pass

there was only 3 or 4 packs of cars that werent in the car pass

Lol….not getting into this again. You know how I feel about it. I basically agree either way.


I do have a question, @AudibleJam509. Where do I vote to extend the garage limit? I don’t see it here. I would like to, because that really should be extended. I, like other people, buy several of the same car and upgrade each one differently. Although, it is hard to when there is such a strict limit!