Increasing Car Limit Up From 1000

I feel as if the 1000 Car Limit Limits you to very few tuning options for cars that end up having much more upgrade options (Body Kits and Performance). It seems to be a limit that I would easily exceed and still use almost all of them for different applications such as meets with friends and races within classes for cars of a curtain type. Please look into increasing the limit or even finding a more efficient way of gifting / auctioning duplicate cars to manage our garage easier and quicker.

100% agree
Ive been playing since launch and have collected every car
Also have been doing every festival playlist and for about 2 months now ive been constantly hitting the limit and having to delete cars


Would be nice….if they didn’t end up corrupting saves. I would imagine that they would have to convince some of the “higher-ups” to allow the extra space in the cloud.

I know i wouldn’t mind using up local memory but doesn’t seem to be something they want/are able to do.

Please add more garage space; the mores new cars the Forza Playlist adds, the more garage value goes up. Please allow us to have more than 1000 cars.


Theres like 500 suggestions like this one just saying… Try and search before posting the same thing


Can we get the 1500 cars limit we had in Fh4? Kind of struggling here, and the fact that we can’t ‘stop’ wheelspins or sell the car after races and events makes it pretty bad if you are approaching the limit space…

I know in Fh4 at launch we had the same 1000 cars limit, but they did eventually upgraded it to 1500, wondering if we can get the same thing here


ooooh. yes, pleasse. like. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Just adding my vote here - car and tune limits really need to be doubled at a minimum. As others have said in this and other threads, constantly having to juggle a full garage and full tune limit is a massive pain. It takes so much time going through vehicles, gifting them, auctioning them, or removing them, and dealing with max tune limit is even worse. Why do you have to load each car individually to delete tunes? Why is the tune limit half of the garage limit?

Double the garage size and match the tune limit to that (2,000) at least. And, how about adding a way to see all tunes in one menu for all vehicles so that if you really have to enforce a tune file limit, we could at least manage them all in one place?

I prefer to have multiples of most vehicles so I can keep different tunes on them but this is no longer possible with the number of cars in the game and the comparatively very small limits on garage and tunes.

Also, it would be really helpful to have a way to collapse duplicate vehicles into one image with a badge showing how many you have. Then clicking that would expand the view. Another problem that adds to the headache of this constant juggling is that the sorting NEVER works in a way that is helpful for finding your duplicates because it doesn’t group them next to each other consistently. If you have 3 or 4 of the same car and sort by duplicates and then manufacturer, sometimes they will all appear together and other times they will be scattered throughout the list of cars for that manufacturer. An option to sort alphabetically within manufacturer would really help, but I think a collapsible icon as described above would be a great selectable view option, too.


Eh, it’s 1000 limit for me? How did you get 1500??

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PREEEACH! :pray:

The number of garage space needs to be increased I had to delete some cars every time I participate in events .

I hope they will increase it because I am right at the limit right now

anyone who plays Forza knows how fast you collect cars. And so everyone sooner or later comes to the point where 1,000 spaces are not enough and you have to delete, give away or sell cars. this is extremely annoying and stupid I mean as of the end of March 2023 there are 680 different cars in Forza, and shouldn’t you be able to own at least 2 of each car? Technically, it can’t be that difficult to lift this limitation and let us continue to collect cars.

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I have all the cars and I’ve never had to delete due to space restraints. If you’re at 1k cars, you have way too many dupes.

What do you define as way too many. I like to have different tunes and liveries on different insatances of the same car. Lets say you have 2-3 viable PI-Classes for each car and 4 diffrent application types(road/street, dirt, offroad and drift). This can add up quickly, even if you sticking to a few cars you like.

I have every single car in the game and i’m halfway full. I like to make builds for my cars and with more new cars coming and more cosmetics coming, I think 1000 is not enough it would be nice if we can raise the storage limit to either 1500 or 2000 car limit if we can. This would help with the storage problem.


This is a huge problem for me because I like to make multiple tunes for a car and instead of switching them every time I like just to have the same car bough multiple times.

With the increasing number of new cars and the distribution of event rewards. Our garage was already out of place. I POSTED ABOUT THIS ON FORZA SUPPORT AND MANY OTHER COLUMNS, BUT DID NOT RECEIVE ANY OFFICIAL AND VALID RESPONSES. The maximum cap is still 1,000 units. Some races give cars to auctions and giveaways that no one wants. Why not give a regular WHEELS opportunity, or CR reward.

We’re tired of giving each other cars like the AMC Grinmlin, just as we never thought of giving the 2042 as a gift to anyone else. Ah yes, that’s not very fair to AMC.

The increased garage limit is a massive necessity. Never understood why they launched the game so low after all the hassles in FH4 where they had to increase it 3 or 4 times from launch.
You’d think that would’ve gave them a clue that they always start far too low.

They always said in FH4 discussions that it was a massive undertaking to up the garage spaces after launch (still no idea why - surely it should be just a number in the game file settings that could be changed in a matter of seconds) but if it is a huge pain to do it after launch then why start so low after the lessons learnt in FH4 ?

A big part of the problem could be covered simply by stopping the automatic car saves in wheelspins in online sessions and just save them for after the event. It still tells you you’ve ranked up and have a wheelspin after the event even though it’s already been automatically collected.

The biggest cause for this garage full situation however is the winning of duplicate cars in the playlist.
Each playlist usually adds another 30 to 40 cars that most people by now already have and don’t really want.
Why not make the playlist cars sell-able instead of having to receive them ?
That would cut the duplicate garage cars massively each week, stop the garages filling up so quickly and slow down the reaching the limit issue by a huge percentage.

I’ve gifted or sold 432 cars at this point yet still have 240 duplicate cars in the garage, so on top of the 695 originals, that’s 1367 cars that I’ve received so far. Clearly shows that the game should’ve launched with at least 1500 to 2000 at launch. Probably more when you consider that people want to have duplicate tunes for different types of event (race, offroad, drift, drag) not to mention having to cover them all in each of the 7 classes.

I get that most people won’t do this with all the cars but even if it was about 10% of the cars, that’s still about 70 cars x 4 event types x 7 classes which still takes it up to about 2000 garage slots plus the other 600 odd that don’t get used in events but still needed to cover the random playlist car requirements, so I think at least a 3000 limit should have been the start point on launch. Plus they keep adding at least 4 brand new cars each series (which is welcome but just makes it worse for garage limits).

Sorry for the long post but I got carried away trying to cover all the bases.