Start a race with Launch Control

Now that you have added launch control to the game, please add a countdown to the races, so we can take advantage of that launch control (and make it easier to engage the launch control) … e.g.

Countdown starts:
Press (the brake and) the throttle to engage launch control.
Engine revs up to optimalt boost.
Driver gets ready

It will make so much more sense for Drag Races instead of just having this ¡Go! thing…

Yes please, we need a proper 3, 2, 1 countdown!


I really miss that! Now the AI gets an unfair start and with some cars you’ll start with the engine picking up from low rpms instead of launching with max rpm


In fh1 and 2 you had a proper countdown at the start of any race, giving you the ability to optimize your launch, specially for RWD cars, would be cool if this makes a comeback for Fh5 or future releases.


Thats a really good suggestion


With the introduction of anti-lag, it would be really nice if we could start races at a higher RPM than idle, like suggested in this old thread. Yes, the anti-lag kicks in after the race start and (kind of) starts doing its thing as the car begins to accelerate, but not until the other cars have already left the line and it’s effectively too late. In free-roam, using the anti-lag launch control is amazing! In the races, you just sit at idle and when the race starts your driver hits the gas, and anti-lag only really added some extra exhaust pops and bangs as your car struggles to come up to RPM and launch at the same time… disappointing. When I read the description in the settings menu (yes I have it turned on), it made me think the anti-lag fixed this issue and that it would be active (revving and 2-stepping when the race starts), but it did not. Many of my cars sit at the start line without moving for ~1/4-1/2 second after the race already started, waiting for the engine to rev up and engage the clutch, when the engine should have been bouncing 2-step awaiting an immediate clutch dump at the race start.


I’d like the launch control to be adjustable and the antilag to work as a rolling anti-lag aswell for roll races

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I want an option to disable race launch control, “launch control” apparently means starting at idle, can’t clutch in to pick up revs, I can’t make use of launch control because my handbrake is analogue and the game sees it as left stick up when FH4 saw it as B. At least in FH4 I had the hand brake AND a hand brake button, but not in FH5. The launch control update completely screws me over making my launches in races far slower.

I don’t like having to pick a car not on its acceleration, top speed or handling, but based on how much torque is down low and how short my 1st gear is. If I have launch control turned off, it should be OFF

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The LC bug where it doesn’t turn off has been fixed…

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That’s for free roam as it would still be on (upon loading the game up) despite being off in the settings. If you’re referring to my comment, I was talking specifically about during race starts which PG said would be always on regardless of what you set for free roam

Since the bug fix I’ve not had LC on whatsoever be it free roam or race.

This should have always been in the game and would be great for players who don’t use LC and manual w/ clutch. It would mean you can prepare your revs for launch and would make the race starts more engaging and fun.

We need this! Now that we have anti lag and launch control, it’s a must.


Probably coming to the next game. It only makes sense to me that they would try to implement this. They’d be stupid not to.