How do I turn off launch control?

especially if I want to go reverse. it is so slow now…

is no one else having this problem? I feel like I did not have this issue the first 2 days playing. then all of a sudden it take3,4 seconds to get going.

Oh I wanna know how to turn it off too! The launch control is set way too low to win any drag race

i have the same issue and annoying the heck out of me. but tbh i think its a bug. cant be a launch control the rpm is way to low and cant even use it in a drag race anyway

Hi Guys

is anyone able to use launch control feature in the races ? With UI before the race just going “Go” as it always has, there is no time to setup the procedure properly.
It is cool in free roam but questionably setup for many cars, ie GMC Vandura also has a launch control apparently and I feel it should be more automatic for more high-end cars and select proper gear itself for launch

What also incredible stupid about that, is the fact that you have no UI until after the race is started. When trying to get an optimal shift out of the gate, it messes you up, because you can’t see the RPM until after that stupid “¡Go!” thing disappears. I find my self often redlining a bit too much, or shifting to early, because I can’t see what the hell I’m doing. I’m usually in second by the time it goes away.

I don’t care what stupid message they want to put in the middle of the screen, but why does it have to make the rest of your interface, that doesn’t interfere with it, disappear?

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I’ve been saying that for years about FH4 as well. These games are full of - what should be to the designers - obvious annoyances which never get fixed.

Launch control? Wait… does that work on cars?

(In Horizon I mean obviously, I know it works IRL :slight_smile: )

Yup. Keep holding brakes, change gear, hold the accelerator, engine hits ‘soft limiter’, let off the brakes and off you go. You can try launching from different gears (works in reverse :slight_smile: ), just hold the brakes while changing them

I think this will vary with different car tunes too. but even some unmodified cars are bad.
Try the Forsberg Racing Toyota Gumout 2JZ Camry Stock Car. stock tuning, use launch control, see how slow it is to get going, forward and reverse.

Are you guys using it correctly? You have to shift up a gear and shift back down to first

what i hate the most is no option to turn it off for sure it dont feel like launch control. also heard that the “normal” launch control way to do it its buggy in fh5 then it is in fh4… but in a race and if i take a very sharp turn and get about into the low 30mph ish and swift gears from lets say. 3 to 2 my car just stalls and is stupid slow to get back into the game. cost me a few races. i dont use manual with clutch

To Disengage Launch Control Hold The Accelerator Down With Handbrake Then Hold Brakes
Or Shift Up Then Down

you will have to explain to me again: while holding acc. and handbrake, I then hold brake, and let go all but acc? and the car should go? sadly it’s not the case. the car is still slow off the line.
or shift up and down? i cant do that while holding handbrake. and even trying to shift up and down with my other hand, it’s still slow.

I just go the poster child, the amg one. launch control? what a farce. once the game put you in the launch control, try to do a 3 point turn.

give us an option to disable launch control if it’s difficult to cater to all the cars.

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I’d like a universal option to turn it off, the option should have been added to ‘assists’ so we can disable it. It solves a problem which never existed, and creates a big new one.

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I don’t know what algorithm they use to determine which RPM to launch each car but so many of them launch way too low.

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How it works? Is it new or I missed something before?

If you are at a stop and hold the brake, if you shift to reverse and then 1st and hold the throttle, you’ll notice your RPM only goes up so far, like 2000 and will hold there until you let go of the brake.

I’ve found it to be completely useless. On slower cars that don’t really need launch control, it just gives you a slow launch. On faster cars, once you take off the big power just causes the wheels to spin anyway. And then you can’t even use it at the start of a race when you’d actually need something like this. Good idea, bad implementation.


I have been on and on about it for quite some time.

  • it works for reverse
  • it lets you select another gear to start from but it should engage appropriate gear itself (many cars start better from 2nd or 3rd)
  • it should not be available for 1950s cars or cars that just don’t have it. Maybe could be a buyable option but not standard for cars that do not really have it
  • cannot use it in races as there is no time to engage it

Nice, need to try it ASAP! I don’t know launch control from real cars so maybe that’s the reason I missed it.