Spawning in Hot Wheels instead of the Mexico map

A minor annoyance, but I always park at my house on the west coast of the Mexican map (nice… right on the ocean :wink: ) before I quit the game.

Each time I start the game again it spawns me on the Hot Wheels map. Anyone else see the same thing?


Yup! - Never fails… I leave the game in Mexico and am forced back into HW when I next load the game.

Yep, there was a forced relocation of your “home” when you launched Hot Wheels. I believe you can correct it by visiting your old home and once inside selecting the “Set As Home” button. I think it will (is supposed to) work but I also think mine automatically reset to Hot Wheels Festival once again after a while (maybe on the update ?).

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Lol imagine if they did this to all players including those without the expansion. “You must purchase the expansion to drive here”


lol… and being restricted to only your B Class and lower cars because of the Hot Wheels Academy restrictions :smiley:

From another post: Felt compelled to check this since I checked out the HWs DLC yesterday. I exited the game from the normal Mexico festival site yesterday & that is where It launched as usual today.

Without needing to reset Mexico as your home ? Maybe they fixed that then. Cool.

Nope, I just made sure to exit HWs & go back into the festival sight I’m usually at before leaving the game.

Nope. I invariably started in Mexico even when I was doing Hot Wheels stuff and would have preferred to start there.

Hmmm… weird. An inconsistency. How… unexpected… :wink:


It’s the opposite for me. I set the Hot Wheels outpost as home, but it launches me at the main Mexico festival site every time I start the game.

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I wonder, with all the server disconnect messages lately, maybe setting either place as home will only take IF the servers have a chance to sync before we shut down and leave the game ? I dunno, seems odd.

I can’t even find option to set as home. I never could set HW as home so I was at main festival site in Mexico every time I launched the game. In FH4 it was so nice to be able to set expansion maps as home when doing them.

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Yeah, for me, it always launches on the main map, at the central festival location, no matter which map I ended my previous session at. Which is annoying, because Cassa Bella should be set as home. I haven’t tried setting Home again. I should probably try that.

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lol… all that time in FH4 and I never noticed I could have done that… D’OH !

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Yeah, I never set HW as my house, but I’ve been spawning there since the DLC came out. I just went to “My Home” on customize my character and it took me back to HW… so I’m assuming setting my House again in Mexico should solve this.

I set the house in Playa Azul as my home long ago, but more recently, without so much as a by-your-leave, the game switched me to the main Festival site, then the HW expansion (by diktat of the game), and now I’m back in Playa Azul 'cos I said so.

Actually, in the case of the Festival site, is this like FH4 where the game sometimes spawns you there instead of your home because it’s got confused for some reason?

Me: Spawn me in my home in Playa Azul.
Game: Festival site it is, squire.

Being as everyone is getting different results my guess is that it is down to which house you set as home. So some house maintain their Home status, and other houses lose it. They are all programmed a bit differently to each other. Probably the house where you get wheelspins is programmed differently. My Home was the one by Goliath, it was moved to Hotwheels.

Mine was in Playa Azul and now I always start at the main festival. When I select go home I think it takes me to the nearest festival site. None of this bothers me in the slightest.

Just checking in and saying setting your Home in Mexico spawns me back there when the game loads.