Option to start game in Mexico vs HW Map

That would be great if we could start the game up in Mexico vs the Hot Wheels map every time. Fortunately it’s easy for me to switch on PC just an inconvenience but my friends on Xbox have to wait a long period of time just switching back to the Mexico map. Would be cool if there was an option to disable the hot wheels map pack.

Thank you forza for even allowing your community to come up with suggestions to keep FH5 fresh! Over 400 hours in the game still loving it.

You probaby know, but just in case… If you choose one of your houses as home in mexico, it will start there not HW.


I’m going to try this out. I thought I had it set to a home in Mexico because when I switch to Mexico it starts me at my trailer home. Thank you!

For me, once they released HW I started there every time until I reset my home down in mexico.

Hope it helps

Xbox One S here

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