Sonoma Raceway

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Sonoma Raceway

Sonoma is a real world circuit in California used by NASCAR and GT World Challenge.

Sonoma was included as a location in FM7 with both circuit and drag racing layouts.

This and thunderhill raceway are both arguably the best tracks in California. Super fun to drive. Sonoma is one of the most interesting tracks in the world. Quite complex to drive. Unfortunately the gaming community is not the driving community, so Laguna Seca (iconic of course) and willow springs get all the attention. Would love to have a sim with Sonoma in it. Assetto corsa has a decent version but it’s not ideal. A proper sonoma sim would be the so helpful and we could actually have a way to practice during off season!!!


Sonoma aerial image


Pretty nice track layout. Hope to see this return in the future.

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With 8 different layouts this track can bring a lot for new races.


Isn’t Sonoma already in the pipline? I remember catching glimpes of it in the demo/pre release reveal with the muscle cars going through the tracks eses (S’s).

(The minimap is showing the wrong layout at T7 and T9)