Willow Springs

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Please add the “Streets of Willow Springs” Variant, it’s much more interesting track than the big one, and there are not many good racing games with this variant!


I would say that would be more fun if they bring ALL asphalt tracks of Yellow Springs, including the short oval they have there

No game had All tracks of Springs


Makes for a good testing track. GT Sport & 7 have this gem… If not at launch, please consider it down the line… all configs plus drag racing :video_game::sunglasses::+1:

Overview of track layouts



Challenging track with multiple layouts! :slightly_smiling_face:

I dream of having this track in Forza one day, hopefully with all three main layouts. They’re perfect for cars on all performance levels, with twisting and challenging corners, and the track itself has unique atmosphere, resembling public roads due to minimalistic infrastructure.