Sonoma Raceway is very poorly depicted

Why does Sonoma look so inaccurate to it’s real counterpart? Where is all the sand? The barren dirt? The Sonoma ingame looks like it is located in a grassy meadow instead of well, this:

It hardly even looks like Sonoma except for the track layout. Why make it look like it does in the game? It’s ridiculous for a game that prides itself on its realism. I’m sure there are similar issues with other tracks, but I have only been able to play for a few hours tonight. Anyone else have examples of outrageous inaccuracies in the appearance of the tracks?

Doesn’t always look like that. Look up “Sonoma Raceway winter” and you’ll see some pictures of the track with green grass.

Of course, I’m not sure if the drought has changed things or when T10 scanned the track, but from my understanding the track changes a lot during the year, and most races take place in Summer when it does look like the image you posted above.

Agreed. Thunderhill is within~100 miles of Sonoma and is exactly the same - Very very dry during the summer and nice and green again come March when riding season starts again. Or it would be, if we got some rain :confused:

You do make a good point there. Scanning the track in the winter would make sense since the schedule would be much lighter I would imagine. Perhaps I’m just used to how it looks when NASCAR and IndyCar make the rounds…

Still doesn’t explain the omitted sand pits and such that the track features, but what can you do, I suppose.

Is Sonoma Raceway not a track like Laguna Seca with little bit more sand and dessert? The Track is green like an bavarian track. Is it right or wrong?

It varies depending on the time of year:


The vegetation at that track depends on the season, in the summer it is dry and arid but in the winter (when the track was likely available to be scanned) it’s got a lot more vegetation. Google “Sonoma Raceway Winter” and you’ll see what I mean, it’s a pretty drastic difference.

As for why it’s represented that way in game, I suppose T10 just decided to reflect what they saw rather than artificially changing the season? My guess is as good as yours.

I lived in southern Arizona (desert) and they had grass and Palm trees greener than New England. It’s how us humans maintain it.

Look at Los Angeles for example it’s got green, yet it’s also a desert cause humans made it look that way but like a user posted it varies as well.

Desert land can be very firtle. When I lived in Arizona I rarely rained but when it did weeds will start growing in 1-2 days

Speaking of which Laguna Seca needs to be less desert. They made Bathurst more green, Laguna isn’t just a desert.

Some ppl feel as if their purpose in life is to find things to complain about. No genuine happiness or pleasure with that mindset ;/

it was really weard seeing sonoma so green. But its quite logical and actually quite beautiful seeing such lush green grass. But since this is a forum and we love to complain about minor stuff, sonoma needs a lot of sheeps:

Sonoma Sheeps


I’ve only made one lap around Sonoma, so my thoughts might change after I run it again.

Looking back, I thought they nailed the hill from 1 to 2…

I wasn’t a big fan of what they did from turn 10 to turn 11. There should be a bigger runoff on exit of turn 10. The wall seems way, way too close to the track.

Then going to turn 11 there is an inside wall that’s never there (from any race I’ve seen) I get why they did it, but I’m just not a big fan of how it feels/looks.

This was on the “NASCAR” ribbon, not sure if the wall is deleted when you use the “IRL” ribbon.

None of this however, changes how you drive the track and I’ve really been impressed with how great the tracks feel and look across the board.

For someone who runs the track locally at a good pace, it’s a shame how different the Forza 6 version is. Does anyone know if the track is just a reskin from an older game?

For those who have actually driven Sonoma, you’re aware of it’s many key characteristics that are missing in the game such as:

The dip in the outside of T1 that will kick your car off line
No right side curbing in T3 to mark your entry
No compression in T3 which catches the car and lets you carry more speed up the hill than you’d think otherwise
The T4 inside curbing is wrong
The exit of T6 has a pronounced rise before getting hard on the gas which catches a lot of people off guard with big oversteer (or spin)
There is an up an over with a rough patch for the braking into T7 which everyone is aware of except the forza team it’d seem
T8 A curbing is wrong. You roll up onto the curb
The approach into 11 has a large dip which is completely missing in the game

I was most excited for Sonoma Raceway as it’s a local track that I have about 175 laps around. What I got was an overly smooth “arcadey” representation which actually does a pretty poor job of capturing the uniqueness of Sonoma raceway. I’m not expecting T10 to do anything about it. It’s just an informational post to those wondering how a track model in Forza 6 compares to real life.


I’d bet that 99% of the people who play forza have never had a chance to drive on the real world tracks or in super/race cars, so they don’t know how they’re supposed to feel in the first place. I would imagine that there is a lot of things missing in the game compared to their real world counterparts, but who am I to say what driving a multi-million dollar F1 car feels like.

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they have complete reworked the track to the older games. in forza 4 the track feels different.
i know only the nordschleife in real and fm6 done there a great job. for sure i have not checked every curb and bump. but all in all ist the fm6 version one of the best imo.

I never drove on the track in real life but I’m curious, do you play Project CARS as well? It also has Sonoma and it feels quite different than the Sonoma in FM6. I wonder which game represents it the most accurate in your opinion.

yeah I agree with you…it does feel a lot different in PCars, a lot more challenging and a lot more fun…I don’t think I will ever drive on this track, but by comparing videos PCars’ looks more authentic, I mean not visually only, but the way cars react to bumps, dips etc…

I’ve never played project cars but looking videos online it does seem to have some of the characteristics down a bit better. Hard to know unless you actually play the game, to be fair.

The project cars version has reminded me on the fm4 version.

F4’s “Infineon” track was actually pretty good. It does feel somewhat flat and basic in F6.

Aren’t all tracks supposed to be laser-scanned or something? Either that, or laser scanning still hasn’t evolved into its full potential.