Some questions regarding Free Play


i have a couple of questions about Free Play mode:

  1. Is there any way to change the colour of the rental car you’ve chosen just like you could in Forza 4?

  2. Is it possible to list cars by manufacturer (text only, just a list of brands!) so i can quickly navigate to the brand i want to select a car from? I know there are filter options but these are not always helpful depending on the car (or manufacturer) i am looking for. In Forza Horizon there was a filter option to search cars by their manufacturer using a list, which was quick and easy.

  3. Can i turn off the rivals notifications on top of the screen each time i cross the start/finish line? (I’m talking about the “Next rival is . . .” and “Congratulations, you’ve beaten . . .” notifications in Free Play)


  1. i dont know but i wouldn’t use any rentals. i know you cant tune them and you dont get any credits for winning. i checked and there dosn’t seem to be any way to change color or tune.

2 the default. the cars are listed alphabetically by manufacture in the buy cars menu. if the cars are by pi the option to sort them will be listed on the bottom right of the screen, if i remember right its the x button.

3 i’m not sure. but it should stop fairly quickly with a rental on its own because you’ll stop beating the next rival.

An additional note on question 2: When the car list is sorted by Manufacturer, you can skip to the next manufacturer using RB, and skip back to the previous one with LB.

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Ok, thanks guys.