Some cars are not usable in the test track

Is this by design or a bug? If you drive any those cars( (e.g. Napier Railton, Diablo SV) to the test track you have to change to another car, because you can’t quit the test track without completing this event. This should be fixed.

Can it be the case that the cars you cannot use in the test track do have a downloaded tuning on them?

In this case you cannot select them in the test track.

This is by design because the test track is for your own tuning only.

That you cannot go back out of test track is something PG obviously forgot.

We all hope that this will be possible sometime.

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Indeed, it’s not thses cars cannot be used in the test track, it’s that their tunings are locked. There should be an option to reset to default tuning.


This is a very good suggestion!