[SOLVED] October 10th update on PC breaks HDR

If like me, your HDR went to crap after the Patch today. Here’s a solution I found if you’re on Nvidia video. I was running 444 with 8-bit and switched to 422, 12 bit and it seems to be able to hold HDR now Before it was swapping to Pink palette like it had done previously. 444 is preferable, it has less banding in the sky but at least the game is playable.

Original Rant Below…

Good job guys, HDR was barely working before and now it’s totally broken. With today’s update I cannot run the game in full-screen with HDR at all. I can only run it windowed. If I switch to full-screen at all it goes to a pink color scheme that is stuck. I have tried everything I can think of. You guys messed up, well done.

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I was hoping the new in game HDR toggle switch that I couldn’t find right away was a toggle for the windows hdr option…but no. I still have to toggle the windows hdr option every time I want to play fh4 because if I don’t turn hdr off in windows it messes with every other game on the planet including games with proper in game hdr options.

I used to have to retry a couple of times before HDR would “stick”, but now nothing.
And I can’t seem to find that “manual HDR” setting anywhere!
HDR is more broken than before for me at least.

OK nvm, the update was “half installed” (?), and now I got the manual HDR option and everything’s fine.