[solved] Civic challenges not working

I can’t finish the Civic challenges.

I bought a 2014 Civic Si, tuned it to class A, drove some races (online drag, online circuit, rivals mode, career, free roam).
At the moment I am at 219 km (about 135 miles driven).

No achievement/challenge unlocking. When I look at the tiles (My apps → Achievements → Forza), they still are at 0% and there is no red line under the tile (like it was with other achievements of this kind).

Am I doing something wrong this time?

Edit: Got it working now. I turned off the console by holding down the power button for 5-6 seconds (on the front of the One). Disconnect the power plug for 2-3 minutes, so the cache clears completly.

Were all miles driven after the Challenge opened?

Sorry for double post :frowning:

Yes, definitely.
I even bought a second '14 Civic today because my old one had 30 miles done before the challenge started. So I just took the new one “on the road”.

I just started this as well any info would be helpful I only have like 20 miles so far I will let you no when I hit 100. Mine will be all offline through career and rivals so I let you no if that makes a difference.

I would suggest a little patience. The “contest period” just started, and it runs through the end of March. Gives you plenty of time to put in the miles.

Give it a day or two (or three) to update the stats. If there is a problem, we will no doubt be hearing about it.

For now, I would assume there is just a little delay.

  • Don Ente

I got the 100 miles one a couple days ago–all free play mileage.

Okay, “sold” my two Civics, deinstalled the addon, reinstalled it, drove 30 miles. Nothing. :frowning:
So if anyone thought about that idea, forget it :wink:

It’s worked for me I done 301 miles. Only reason I could think of is you drove it in practice if not that then idk really

Like mentioned, I drove different types of races.

May I ask you, if your achievement tile had a red line under it or if the % changed (of course before you reached the 100/300 miles)?

Hmmm… well I just grabbed the car and ran two career races with it. The achievement tiles now show 16% and 5% completed.

Don’t know if this would affect it, but… did you register for the event?

Also, can you get any other achievement stat to update?

I’m in the US but don’t see the Honda landing page. Where did you find it? Thanks

Didn’t - the challenge is open to everyone, but only those in the US can enter for the prizes. Being in Australia the prizes aren’t on the cards for me but the rest is working fine.

No, where can I register?
Edit: Just re-read the challenge rules. Don’t have such a landing page on the german dashboard.
Please don’t tell me these “achievements” are locked to US accounts.

All other achievements are long done :wink:

Very possible that these particular achievements are region limited. As far as I know, they are “temporary” achievements, aren’t they? That is, they do not count towards gamer-score, and they disappear after the promo period is over.

At the Xbox One “dashboard,” I went to Games, and then saw an advertising tile for the Honda car-pack. Selecting that tile gave me the option to register for the contest.

  • Don Ente

The rules state in the 50 states only. Im in the us and can’t find the landing page either.

My achievement counters are working ok but I have not hit 100 miles yet and I have not and can not register for the event given its restrictions.

Like Eduardo I am in Australia and cannot register for this event - but the achievements seem to be fine. I am yet to unlock one (not had any time at home to play, but the progress meter on the achievement is working (89% and 28% I think).

There is definitely something odd up… Bought and raced my civic today, own two gold medals, but the car stats in forza vista say 0 gold medals and 20,000 miles driven. Not right at all.

The achievement, however appears to be tracking this correctly, indicating 12% completed.

well I just started this Challenge today as well myself, no problems ran a quick stint around INdy to empty out the tank of that dealership fuel and after a stop off for some better octane the dash clicked over 244 miles. just took delivery of the lil civic this morning.