So winter tires are automatically installed?

Cars with the new snow flake icon appear to have snow tires automatically installed. Just making sure I understand this correctly, and if I want to race those same cars on the asphalt or dirt for example, I don’t need to do anything? I’ll just keep racing with the snow tires on? Thanks

edit: to clarify my question, the reason I ask is because I went into the upgrade tires section of a few snow-enabled cars, and it does not give me the option to change the type of tire material. Only the width, rims, etc. Thanks

Offroad vehicles with no tire compound option (warthog, Trophy truck, etc.) automatically get snow tires on Blizzard Mountain and return to stock tire compound in the normal game.

Offroad vehicles with tire compound options (Ford Bronco) the race offroad tire compound automatically becomes snow tires, and returns to race offroad tires in the normal game.

The rally Subaru and other rally type cars (HE Mini) that have snow tires automatically installed on Blizzard Mountain will return to rally tires in the normal game.

The race cars (from the DLC pack for I think VIP) with no tire options can not get snow tires.

All of the other cars in the game you can manually install snow tires, and when you go back to the normal game they will be replaced with rally tires.

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I think the way it works is that rally tires automatically become snow tire on blizzard mountain and revert to rally tires on the mainland. So if you have rally tires they become snow tires but will revert when you are back in main game.

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Awesome thanks for the explanations!

This is good to know, thanks guys!