Where are the snow tires for other cars you own?

I’m trying to put the studded snow tires on my Corvette C7-R for Blizzard Mountain but can’t find them. Can someone tell me where they can be found?
Thanks in advance for some help,

If snow tires are an option for the car you’re driving … they will be in the Upgrades menu with all the other tire compounds. Snow tires are not an option on all cars, so I don’t know if they are an option on the C7-R or not.

Well thanks for that info Wildcat. Bummer though as I really want to drive that Vette in the snow. I wonder if there is a list of cars that can use the snow tires?

Thanks again for the help!

Almost any car can use snow tires, just not purpose-built race cars raced on tarmac like the ones in the All Star DLC pack.

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I don’t think you can install snow tires on purpose-built tarmac race cars like the Corvette C7-R.

you can still drive in the snow with the corvette but without snow tires

Cars that have rally tires installed can get snow tires - the game switches between both automatically when you leave/enter Blizzard Mountain


There automatically put on just use the filter to see the cars that qualify

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