Winter tires in FH3 BM

Hello there,

I just started playing the first DLC Blizzard Mountain and I have trouble with changing the tires for my cars. Thing is, on almost all my cars I have projects that I got from other players and the game wont allow me to change one simple tire without deleting all the project on the car! If I agree I can change the tire but then I have vanilla car without any upgrades! Does it mean that If I want to havewinter tires on my favourite cars I have to manually upgrade them from scratch and copy the style of my entire project?! Is there no option to just change the tires and do nothing more?


Yeah, pretty much.

Tip: look for projects with rally tires. :wink:

I think people don’t use rally tires in their builds because they cost as much PI as race tires, but rally tires have absurd grip on the dirt. The downside is that you can’t upgrade the engine as much and everyone uses AWD, so the regular builds usually have decent enough grip to overcome the advantage of the rally tires, which is YET ANOTHER undesirable effect of the poor balance of the game with regards to tire upgrades.

Honestly, if tire upgrades cost half as much PI as they do now, it would already be a great help, especially to people who enjoy racing actual cars that corner when you turn the steering wheel as opposed to freight trains dressed as automobiles.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that Playground Games beefed up AWD to help the n00bies who are oblivious to the concept of “throttle modulation” and thus can’t handle even a decently powered RWD car. Seriously, AWD in this game is as much a driving aid as braking assist, the only difference is that it’s treated as an upgrade rather than an assist.