So far - not impressed with pre fabs

So I tried to make a pre fab of a large double stack x 4 grandstand with executive suites on top and I got about 1/3 of it selected when I ran into the selection limits. And since a pre fab can’t be edited I couldn’t save one section and edit it.

Then I made a simple inner corner barrier with eleven concrete barriers in an arc. When I saved the pre fab and moved it into another corner many of the pieces were seriously misaligned. And you can’t edit a pre fab so it was all a bunch of wasted effort.

Unless PGG changes the pre fabs where the designer/builder is able to edit their own pre fabs. And they correct the memory usage allocation of pre fabs. I won’t be using or creating any more pre fabs.

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Yeah I’ve noticed that too, you’ve got to be really careful with prefabs, basically what I do is build all the repeated sections really far apart and have to be careful with what gets selected and not. But yeah once you select something it locks it. So you need to be really careful it seems. Otherwise you need to start again. So I build bigger more complex prefabs in sections and then put them together at the end.

Also, yep, the way it allocates the budget is WAY WAY higher than if you make something by hand. Which is super limiting and annoying. Hopefully they’ll fix that so we can make more complex big things. If you search for SYS01 on eventlabs, you’ll see something I did with PREFABS and it’s pretty basic and was already up to 90% prop budget!!!


I will take a look next time I’m on.

Prefabs also lose their connection points. I made a prefab of the banked corner with walls on both sides, but when trying to place it I have to manually align it.
Figured out it would be easier to create a prefab of just the walls so I can still snap the banked corner pieces.

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I find it’s easier to just use the snap together stuff and forget pre fabs altogether.