Snow tyres - what's the point?

Well, it’s winter in Mexico and it’s time to install those dedicated snow tyres. Oh, wait…there are only like 4 races that even go in the snow (all of them starting on top of the volcano), and in 3 of those you drive out of the snow in the first 15-20 seconds of the race. There is literally only ONE dirt race where you are in the snow for the entire time. So, I just have one question here for PG/T10…are you freaking kidding me??? In FH4, the rally tyres automatically switched to snow tyres in winter, so you only had to buy one set, but in FH5, they make you spend 10,000 cr. for a tyre option that you can barely use. How much sense does that make? Answer…absolutely none at all.

This is just about as ridiculous as the “fee” they charge you in the auction house for selling cars.


The point is to show that most of the game is just a copy paste from FH4!


HA, remember when ppl complain about snow on FH4¿? and they wanted separate tires for dirt and snow… now that we have it, it is bad?. Sure, for a winter season the snowy races are too few and the tires are a waste… but maybe the season have in place slippery physics for all the track even if you dont see snow, freezing temps that could leave slim pieces of ice on the road, just an assumption, but hey I rather have them separate than install dirt tires and need the snow ones.

Umm, yes it is bad, because of the price we have to pay to get them, and the fact that we hardly even have an opportunity to use them to justify the expense. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with having separate tyres, but I DO have a problem with PG/T10 apparently trying to take as many of our hard-earned credits as they can. It’s almost like bloody hidden taxes.

I tested the race routes yesterday to see if the surface texture changes when you cross from dirt to snow/ice, and it does change…it gets more slippery when you cross from one to the other, so no, it doesn’t make sense to charge 10,000 for a set of tyres you can barely use.

The “PRICE”? 10K cr is basically FREE. It’s like the IRL equivalent to a penny. I didn’t even know their price, because that’s basically irrelevant when upgrading cars. I just select upgrades, and hit okay. I’ve never though of building around a cost, it’s always the most optimal setup for the maximum PI in a class, and whatever it’s costs, it costs.

The tires ARE stupid, though. Even when doing races on the volcano, the snowy road just functions as a normal road, even with off-road/rally tires. I’ve never actually been in a position where I didn’t feel snow tires would be a STRAIGHT UP DOWNGRADE. They med sense for FH4, but are pointless in FH5.


The price is only an issue because it is totally WASTED credits. True, one set of tyres is only 10,000 cr., but when you multiply that out across dozens of cars that could be set up for winter, it IS significant. Honestly, I’m less concerned about the price than I am about the total uselessness of snow tyres in FH5. If you are going to spend credits in FH5, it should at least go towards something that can actually be used and will make a difference in a race.

Look at the end of playlist. HolidaySpecial 9. dec maybe some use for snowtires.
Volcano is inactive too maybe another special. They are not wasting money to create something and have it (lava) 5sec in intro or dedicated snowtires without snow

The only thing that would make separate snow tyres worth the money would be to have snow on more than just the summit of the volcano. Even if they covered all of Mexico in snow for the holiday season (like they do in GTA V), that would still be just a once a year event, and not enough to justify 10,000 cr. for the tyres.

This is the most ill thought out comment I’ve seen in a while.

If the entire map were to be covered in snow, as you suggest, and this happened for a solid week or more over Christmas, then it would absolutely be worth having a proper set of tires to use in the snow… Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work that out.

Maybe one of the expansions will feature more snow?


Yep. Since the regular game is mostly desert, I expect an expansion to have lots and lots of snow. Winter was my favorite season in FH4.

I think we’ll see some snow in a few weeks. Snowmen would melt in the desert.

Ha, true, for all the criticisms you can make of the game, the price of the upgrades isn’t one of them. Cash is thrown at you left and right in this game.

I’m not sure it was necessary to add extra complexity with new tyre compounds, especially as apparently there isn’t much practical performance difference between some of them. Off road vs rally for example. But I’ll leave all that to the tuners to figure out.

This. Yeah, I agree that the tires don’t make any since because there is practically no snow on the map. But using price as part of your argument makes no sense when you literally get 6 figure amounts of cash in wheel spins regularly.

Not a ridiculous feature … it’s there for a reason. The game does have a simulated economy and the AH fees are there to help prevent inflation in the game.


Seasons in FH5 - what’s the point ?

They are all pretty much the same. Apart for the lake with ruins and a puddle in a village on the west coast nothing changes.
Granted, in FH4 “only” winter made actual gameplay change vs the rest of the seasons, other changes were cosmetic

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i’m thinking one of the DLCs will have more snow and justify them being available for use. until then we won’t know for sure.

Both of you are sort of missing my point here. I already said that the price was only part of the problem, and then only because those credits are literally wasted. Every other vehicle upgrade has a practical and useful purpose that can be used on any part of the map, in any conditions, in any season as needed. The snow tyres are only useful on about 1% of the total map area and for one season out of four. It doesn’t matter of they cost 100 cr. or 1m cr., wasted credits are wasted credits. Also, you know very well that people won’t buy just one set for one car, they might buy them for 10 cars, or even 50 cars, and those credits, however insignificant you think they are, could be better used on upgrades that actually work and can be used all of the time.

On the wheelspins, it would be nice if I got 6 figures every time, but so far, I’ve been getting mostly low credit values, stupid emotes and car horns, or clothing items I’ll never use.

The point is they WON’T cover the entire map with snow just for the holiday season (and no, I’m not suggesting that they do), and even if they did, you are talking about one week out of 52 in a year, and given that the offroad tyres work almost just as well in snow as they do in mud, then it still makes no sense to have dedicated snow tyres. Why not just auto switch them like they do in FH4?

How exactly does it help the in-game economy? The credit “fee” doesn’t go back into anyone’s accounts, it just disappears, and it’s not like PG/T10 needs those fees to operate the auction house. People with bot accounts on PC crossplay that snipe cars in the AH do a lot more damage to the “economy”, and those seller fees hardly offset that.

Well, that would be nice if it happens, but right now, there are plenty of people who are buying snow tyres and expecting actual snow on the main map. They could have easily waited to introduce snow tyres WHEN they release a DLC expansion that has enough snow to make a difference.

Definitely not missing the point. The simplest solution here is to just not buy them. If there’s no point to them why buy them? No one is forcing you to buy them. And I never said anything about them being worth while,. I haven’t bought a single set of them because why bother? Like you said, not much snow on the map to begin with and even then the semi slick tires I tend to put on everything handles the snowy areas just fine with little to no difference. I do agree with you, they are pointless in the game so far. I literally said that in my original comment. I still stand by what I said though, money is easy to get in this game so who cares about that part?

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