FYI on dirt builds

Most tuners have probably already figured this out, but for those that haven’t, tires don’t work like they do in 4. Street is not a good option on dirt, even in c or d class If you’re planning on making a dirt build, you need tires designed for dirt regardless of class.

I’m unsure about winter tires, or even what their purpose is, as of yet. So far they’ve gone untested in my group, and any info anyone can shed on that would be very much appreciated. But offroads and rally tires are consistently beating streets, sports, and semi slicks in all classes. Some of those might be obvious, but if you tuned a lot of c in 4 you’ll know that wasn’t always the case.


Winter Tires are off road tires with metal studs for ice.

There will be snow on the top quarter or so of the mountain and the lakes at the top are frozen in winter. I don’t know if there’s anything happening there to really use snow tires much.


Well we’ve done some limited testing and based on our results it seems pretty clear that even in snow, offroad tires provide way better performance per PI cost than winter tires do. Winter tires only seem suited to snowy/icy tarmac, of which there is scant little in the entire game, and 0 races utilize that lonely stretch of road. Maybe an extreme weather expansion will see the benefits of the winter tire come to light, but as they exist in 5 now, I’d say avoid at all costs.

Yeah, offroads don’t cost enough PI for the overall performance they provide. That being said, we’ve noticed a significant swing in performance in the Offroads vs Rally tires on dirt, in the favour of rally tires, during the dry season. It does make sense that rally tires would gain comparative ground against the offroads in drier conditions, but overall, considering all seasons, offroads are still too cheap PI wise for what they do.

How are stock tires for B-class rally racing in FH5 vs FH4? In FH4 there were some great B-class cars for rally racing which I believe just used their stock tires. I’m thinking specifically of the Nissan Pulsar. In FH5 should the higher PI class limits be used to give these cars off-road tires in B-class?

I’ve actually tested the pulsar specifically and no, offroads are significantly superior to stock tires, regardless of class. My Pulsar is now built for B class dirt. It starts in C, but any tire upgrade will push it to B, and in C it gets decimated on dirt by anything that can afford Offroad tire compound.

This was all tested in a PvP environment, with drivers of similar or lesser skill than I.