Smoke and Rain Rendering Quality

I know the game is very demanding graphically, but depending on the distance I am away from the rain or smoke the rendering is really awful, it kinda looks like interlacing issues, where I can clearly see lines going across the effect.

For example:
The rain splash behind the opponent cars while racing in the rain is horrible.

Same goes for smoke/sand clouds, for example before the last turn at Laguna Seca or at the beginning of the long straight at Bathurst. I can see interlacing lines across the whole cloud until I get close enough.

I’m guessing the quality of these are reduced to allow a smooth 60 FPS. at 1080p

But if the effects can’t be rendered properly at the same level of quality as the rest of the game why put them in at all ?

It just ruins the overall graphical look and feel of everything else it in my opinion. I would love to have an option to disable these effects.

I noticed it on spa at night when the car in front of me was smoking his tires, it looked like a screen door on the smoke

sounds like you should have bought an ps4.

And play Forza 6 on PS4?

Oh wait…

That said, system limits are system limits. I think Turn10 has pretty much squeezed out every bit of performance.
I have Project CARS on my PS4 and it’s way less smooth than Forza 6. Dynamic effects are cool but slowdowns in framerate not so much.
I prefer sacrifices on graphical quality over prettiness when it’s done to maintain 60fps.

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Why bring PS4 into the conversation, it’s not even relevant. (I also own both consoles and a gaming PC, it’s not the point.)

And yeah I know they pretty much did the best they could with the limitations of the machine.

I’m just a bit disappointed I guess.

At least I know I’m not the only one experiencing this now.