Skippable Cut-scenes?

I am level 50 in Forza 5 now and I cannot count how much time was wasted by those long and repetitive cut-scenes. It is nice in the first maybe 5 times but after that it is just a time consumer all and all over. Are we able to skip cut-scenes in Horizon 2 (when it’s not loading, of course. I bring this out because some cut-scenes may be covering loading times, but those scenes in Forza 5 are clearly not loading screens because the game loads afterwards as well as before.) with simply pressing, for example, A?

Wrong Thread?

Edited from causing confusion. This is about Horizon 2.

I don’t remember any cutscenes in FM5. Do you mean the guys from TopGear talking about the race leagues?

No. Topgear articles and simply the voice of the three presenters are nice, I was referring to every cut-scene in which your car slowly stops at post-race. Also when you level up etc. From what I could see they are not used for loading stuff for next, but only for showing, which is annoying and not skippable.

I hope Horizon 2 don’t intentionally let me wait through every end-race.

I don’t remember long scenes from FH1 so I don’t think there will be any in FH2