Feature request: skippable cutscenes after seeing them first time

Hi, i think people doesn’t want to wait unnecessarly to play…so please make cutscene skippable after the first time they were seen


Or just make the cutscenes skippable in general. I think that 99,8% of people playing this game want that


The cutscenes might be hiding a loading screen.

And even if they are, I’d rather see the loading screen.


They aren’t hiding anything. At the end of a race especially if you get 2 stars, and you want to go for 3 stars you have to wait ages.

Yes I agree 100%. Let us get to the action right away.


totally agree…especially the ones at the end of an event…in fact delete them altogether… I agree with someone about being happy with just a loading screen as the dialogue is that lame anyway…


I don’t expect devs to allow story cutscene skips first time. But it should be made so that once you’ve completed it you can skip the cutscene in future plays. The game already takes an age to load (on OG Xbox One).

oh yes!!! I watch the story cutscenes the first time, but if I want to redo the race and improve on my time, I dont want to watch the same 30 second cutscene again and again and again…


Yes, PLEASE make them skippable!!!


Skippable even first time please


I’m fine with them the first time playing through as they help sell the story as part of a cohesive unit but after that they are just a time waster. I’d rather be playing the game than watching videos I’ve seen before. Load times on my X1S are already too time consuming.

+1 for skipping the long story cut scenes!! It’s ok to force us to watch during the first play through but “shut her down” after that!!

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Yes! I didn’t even notice this was a problem at first, because I’d gotten through a few on the first try. But after running into a few that I had to retry repeatedly… can Juan just shut up already?

Yes, especially anything to do with Alejandra and her stupid Papi.

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I agree :100:

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I suspect PGG intentionally does not allow skipping cut scenes because management demands maximum “player engagement”, even if it’s just time we spent waiting for a stupid cut scene to end.

I totally agree. I don’t want (nor need) some story. Just show me what needs to be accomplished and let me at it.

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Hold A to skip plz

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+1 on skippable cut scenes. There might be confusion so let’s underline that Forza isn’t Fable.