Single player series points

Anyone know what the structure of points is in career mode? It’s just occurred to that you get more points for the later races in a series but don’t know why, it’s not like their any longer or more difficult.

Sorry I have no answer, but I too would like to know some more info on this. I noticed this also. It seems the points stack as you progress in a given series, but I haven’t ran enough series yet to see the pattern.

The later series are on average a bit more challenging so awarding a few more points seems fitting but it is a bit arbitrary.

The thing is the per race points change. in the seeker championship race one in a series will be 100 points, but race 4 in the same series is 400 points.

I don’t think there is much of a pattern. Seems like they are just distributed relative to the overall championship points.

its so you cant win the championship too easily.

Say race1 is worth 100, 2 = 200 and 3 = 300… then if you dont win them all you could lose the championship on the last race as its worth more (400).

Say the AI in 2nd place has a total of 500 and you have 600 going into the last race. You could win or loose depending on what position that AI came.