Silverstone Guesses

I haven’t seen anything regarding the length of or the cars to be used in the race at Silverstone. Here are my guesses and the reasons.

The cars will be Formula 1 cars. The British Grand Prix at Silverstone is this weekend.

The course will be the Grand Prix circuit. That is the course the Grand Prix is run on.

The length of the race will be 1 hour. Averaging 125 mph in a Formula 1 car on the Grand Prix circuit should not be a problem.

Damage, tire and fuel consumption will be simulated. This will make the race more interesting and going 125 miles with one or two pits should still be easily done.

I think doing 125 miles with the above set up should not be a problem. One pit stop may be needed. When I completed the bone dry achievement, the car I used ran 123 miles before running out of fuel. I haven’t run a Formula 1 car out of fuel. It may be able to do the 125 miles.

I would guess classic f1/ gp etc, or multiclass with some lmp, and i would guess 50 laps for the 50 years. 50 laps = a little over an hour and a half, but they will probably do 2.4 hours in new f1. Damage cosmetic only. none of the other endurance style races have had damage at all.

The Le Mans endurance event had simulated damage. It made the first couple of corners interesting.

Classic formula 1 cars would make the race interesting. I think I would prefer that to modern formula 1 cars. I hope it isn’t multiclass.

I can’t picture the race being 2 hours and 40 minutes. Doing 125 miles would be too simple. If classic formula 1 cars are used, I could see 1 hour and 20 minutes.

The last one was F1 cars 30 minutes of catalunya , so that’s what I’d expect here.

I don’t see how you can average 250mph on Silverstone. That is what would be required to do 125 miles in 30 minutes.

My point was more about the f1 cars than the mileage. Maybe they were still working out some coding niggles from that and Sebring? Still its a similar situation same race weekend etc. I’m guessing this Will be just one hour then? The article didn’t really specify.

Lotus E21:


We now know it will be F1 cars. I did some testing to guess the time. 40 laps at Silverstone is about 127.6 miles. Lap times of 1:50 will get you around the top 15%. I’m guessing lap times around 2:00 will get you in the top 50%. If you need to do 40 laps, Lap times of 2:00 will require 80 minutes to complete the challenge. The fastest lap time is about 1:28.45. If someone can average 1:30 lap times, he would complete 53 laps which is about 170 miles in one hour and 20 minutes. All of this seems reasonable if the time for the event is 1 hour and 20 minutes with cosmetic damage. I’d like to see 1 hour and 30 minutes just to me some breathing room.

I like breathing room!

Silverstone best

I did my final practice before the event. Free play, 20 laps (64 miles), 15 drivatars, unbeatable. I managed to complete the race in 35:04.098. If I can do this in the event, It means I will go the required distance in under 70 minutes. If the event is 80 minutes long, I would go about 145 miles. Accidents and traffic will probably reduce this a bit, but I think I should be able to do it.