Side marker/fog lamps glitch?

Hey guys, just noticed something weird when upgrading and test driving the Lotus Elan. When I press the brake, both the rear side markers and front fog lamps turn on then turn off as I release the brake. The front side markets always stay on. Has anyone else noticed this before?

I swear I’ve seen an article with Dan Greenwald saying they have something special coming for Forza5. Maybe night racing. The latest patch could have implemented some of this before hand…

It is a glitch - is existed in Forza Horizon previously and has been found in FM5 as well. Nothing to do with Night Racxing - which T10 have said will not be in FM5.

I would not get to hyped up for any night racing untill FM6 and maybe then,it will come when T10 feels they have it right. I can wait.

I think this glitch has appeared before. I think it was FM3 or FM4 but only one or two cars I think. Looks really annoying in replay though!