should i get a xbox 1 with FM5? (few questions)


Well im in a quite desparte mood to get a new racegame that include all my needs.
A game with some awesome cars , FM5 has some awesome BMW M models wich GT6 doesnt have and some other new cars that GT6 lack on.
A game with good custimisation , GT6 does has some but no engins/drivetrain swaps , also AC and PC doesnt have any. also i saw you can almost make alomst every livery you want in FM5

Also some good physics , not ultra realistic but also no NFS-go-around-the-corner-with-400000kmh-stuff
What other game comes close to the physics that FM5 has?

And some nice graphics.

dont get me wrong i really liked GT5 and GT6 but since i got a ps4 i just cant stand the DS3 controller anymore , ive become so addicted to the DS4 , since i got the ps4 the DS3 just feels wrong.

I got driveclub but theres is no custimaztion and also no reallife tracks , but it looks really good and there some awesome cars in it but its not the game im looking for.

Project cars doesnt feel right for me and also no custimaztion so thats a instant no-go for me.

And AC also no custimaztion so yeah and a bit too realistic for me

so ive become to the conclusion (from the videos ive seen) that FM5 is my only option , it got what i think everything i want , yesterday i saw theres also drag racing in it , alot of custimaztion , you got the top gear test track where u can fool around in online. I think FM5 is also more fun-based compared to the other racegames

Is it really that good what i think it is? btw theres only 1 thing im a bit worried about and that is the controller.

The DS4 controller feels perfect for me , are there players here that got both the ps4 and X1 and what do they think of the controllers?

Also i saw theres quite some DLC out for FM5 , so if i get that VIP/Season pass , do i get all those DLC apart from some day 1 dlc if i remember correctly?


If you can stand to wait a couple of months, Forza Motorsport 6 will be available in the middle of September, with more cars than FM5, and [hopefully] a number of improvements to the game. Plus, right now you can pre-order an FM6-themed 1TB XB1 with jazzed up controller, that will include a code for a copy of FM6.

I’ve never had a Playstation, but have played all of the FM and FH titles with the exception of FM1, and thoroughly enjoy them!


Agreed. Wait. The FM6 bundle with a sweet looking xbox with lots of space is a big selling point.

The new xbox controller is really nice except the thumb stick will brake after several months of hard driving. I’ve played ps4 at friends house many times and I always thought the controllers weren’t comfortable. But take that with a grain of salt.

FM5 isn’t that great and is not a must buy title. The best thing about FM5 are the physics and how the rumbles in the controller really help with knowing when you’re about to lock the brakes or lose all traction.

You will not get all DLC with the vip/season pass.

Well like radicus said if u can wait for FM6 i would wait. If you decide to buy now fm5 is still a very fun and addicting game and can get you prepped for FM6. i still play the game daily and have done so for about 2 years now. Buy it if you want to buy just now you will never play the game again once 6 comes out in september.

Another vote for getting this. It’s only another two months. Once FM6 is out who knows how much you’d still want to play FM5.

I’d also say hold out a couple of more months until FM6 is released. FM5 will more than likely be sitting on your shelf once it comes out.

you can always rent FM 5 from gamefly. other than the lack of cars and turn 10 leaving mugello circuit out and forgotting to put the pantera in the game i like FM5. i’m assuming they just forgot to put the pantera in because why else would you leave it out. it’s a great B-C class car and i miss it not being in my garage.

don’t buy fm5, don’t buy horizons. both are terrible. Wait till 6 comes out. Hopefully it might of actually improved.