Shift Indicator

I like driving in manual, but especially when switching cars frequently it becomes extremely tricky to know when to shift up or down. I know this is an art on it’s own, to master manual shifting. But for someone like me, an indicator of when to shift down in any given car would be a god send. There is plenty of times when I brake for a corner, shift from 4th to 3rd, only to find out I should be in 2nd gear to take that corner. And that’s fine if you drive in a particular car for a long time and know exactly when to shift, or when you know a circuit extremely well. But once again, if you’re a bit more like me and a bad judge at that, a shifting indicator would be very welcome.

Your downshift mark will constantly vary depending on engine torque curve and gear ratios per gear but if you dont know the exact sweetspots per gear on a car i find that top dead centre of the tach is a safe downshift point for most gears for most engine/transmission combinations. (Provided you race with the analog dial and not the digital tach)