Electric Cars, Manual Shift

I love the electric cars, and I prefer the ones with multiple gears (since its great to use downshifting as a smoother way to decelerate). However, I find it tough to know when to shift. Usually I get to know the sound of a car’s engine by driving around for a while then I can shift by ear. Obviously not an option for the electrics… any ideas on how to overcome the lack of engine sound as queue to shift?

They still have a tachometer, right?

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I heard about that downshifting technique from driving expert on Youtube. I tried it with multiple fast cars. Result: gearbox completely destroyed after doing it twice.

Braking distance is much longer and it’s very dangerous because you do lose control if you brake too aggressively using downshifting only.

Shame they don’t allow gearbox swapping to the 4 speed drift box, like they do with the earlier electric cars in the game.

To the best of my knowledge learning the max speed for each gear and paying attention to the speedometer is the only way to judge when a downshift is beneficial.

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Thats how i do it, by reading the tacho

In my experience, most have sufficient torque that once moving you can just bump it into top gear and leave it… changing down to slow down for corners but then straight up to top gear again.

Slghtly different if drag racing but there you can watch the speedo easier.

Thanks… I guess watching the tach out of the corner of my is the best option. I wish the would implement a HUD that includes the RPMs :slight_smile:

Which video is that?