Manual with clutch issues

Anyone else having problems while driving in a race with manual with a clutch, and trying to downshift, and the car just acts like it doesn’t want to?

I’ll be driving, go to take a corner, try to downshift a couple gears, and it won’t do it, so I hit the buttons again and it will finally do it. Or, I downshift, it doesn’t do it so I hit the button again, then suddenly it shifts down all 2 gears, instead of just the 1 gear I wanted to shift down to.

Are you on wheel, controller, keyboard?

I am on controller and have thumbs that miss buttons.

I have not noticed any bugs, just me getting it wrong.

Use clutch when downshifting too, not just when upshifting.

I am using a Thrustmaster TH8a H-shifter in game along with Fanatec Clubsport pedals and an Accuforce Pro v2 wheel. Manual with clutch works great for me except when I run out of gears. Hence, any setups that use more than 7 forward gears can be an issue. Long story short: I prefer manual shifting with clutch but I do occasionally go back to auto shift. The manual shifting (seems fairly on point to me) with shifts occurring on time every time (except when I physically miss the gear and hear the old grinding noise…).

My suggestion: if you are using a controller, temporarily change the assigned shift button to test and see whether you get the same result on a fresh(er) button. Unfortunately, some buttons and/or paddle shifters can become flaky over time.