sharing my legendary drift tune...

tire pressure: default 30psi.

gearing: I usually switch all my cars into 4 speeds, to do this all you do is shorten 6th and 5th to 4th. then stretch 4th closer to were 6th or 5th was or around that area. and tune 2nd and 3rd to where they need to be and then forget you have 5th and 6th. The final drive depends on the engine/car and you just want to set it to when you get your highest mph and fastest 0-60, gearings are the hardest part IMO.

Antiroll bar: max front, none rear.

springs: max front and you want the rear in the middle between the balance of not too soft, but not stiff.

damping: rebound front max, rebound rear none, and bump front none, bump rear max.

differential: 100/100%

camber and caster: -2.0 front camber, or none or you’re preferred.
-1.5 rear camber, or none or you’re preferred.
7.0 caster.

now all the weight of your car should feel like it’s in the rear and it should feel much more planted for drifting…