Sharing my legendary drift tune before release

tire pressure: default 30psi.

gearing: I usually switch all my cars into 4 speeds, to do this all you do is shorten 6th and 5th to 4th. then stretch 4th closer to were 6th or 5th was or around that area. and tune 2nd and 3rd to where they need to be and then forget you have 5th and 6th. The final drive depends on the engine/car and you just want to set it to when you get your highest mph and fastest 0-60, gearings are the hardest part IMO.

Antiroll bar: max front, none rear.

springs: max front and you want the rear in the middle between the balance of not too soft, but not stiff.

rebound: front max, rear none
bump: front none, rear max

differential: 100/100%

camber and caster: -2.0 front camber, or none or you’re preferred.
-1.5 rear camber, or none or you’re preferred.
7.0 caster.


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You can get the tail out faster and keep it out longer by tweaking the tire pressure settings. Rear tire pressure to max, front tire pressure down to between 25 and 27 because you want a softer front tire for more grip and better steering transitions.

Messing with the gears is not really needed most of the time, just drift in Manual trans mode so you can keep it in the gear you want. Changing the final drive ratio IS needed however, take it up into the 4.2 to 4.5 range and tweak from there until you can make an entire drift run in a single gear, or 1 gear change up or down at most

Anti-roll, springs and damping should NEVER be maxed. You want at least a little bit of body roll or you get understeer. Maxing springs just makes the front end bounce which reduces front grip, you want it stiffer than normal but never maxed out. Min/Maxing damping settings produces a sluggish drifter that’s hard to get to drift in the first place AND spins out as soon as it passes the drift angle limit it’s comfortable with. Damping should be a gradual slope front to rear, top to bottom, nothing maxed, nothing zeroed out.

Maxing rear diff for a RWD drifter is fine for low horsepower setups, but when you’ve got mega horsepower, drop it down to 82% on the acceleration setting and tweak from there, 100% on the deceleration setting to aid in off throttle turn-in.

If you’re running a 4WD drifter, max out all accel and decel settings, and set the torque split to 82% rear and tweak from there.

If you’re running a FWD drifter, I can’t help you, I’m not into self torture :stuck_out_tongue:

Caster to 5, it helps turn-in to be sharper and faster, there’s a lot less understeer at 5.

My best drift is just over 520K in the Fortune Island downhill in one of the Ford RTR Mustangs.a

You also forgot downforce settings. Max front, minimum rear. You can even avoid installing the rear wing entirely if you want to.

It’s also worth it to increase braking pressure to around 135% and tweak the front to rear pressure split towards the rear, start around 65% and tweak from there.


Sounds a good idea with tyre pressure, I usually have them both equal, but low.

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it’s how Vaughn runs his rtr, no rear rollbar stiff front rollbar, and soft rear so he only gets body roll in the rear to create side-bite.

stiff af front though, his tires literally come off the ground around corners on the front it’s so stiff…I haven’t been to this post in a while but he still runs his car and adam runs his car and all his other cars close to the same way, adam runs 20k plus springs on the front of all his cars and 11k or less in the rear.

you said “maxing front springs makes the front end bounce”? it doesn’t if you set it up in the way I described in the post under “dampening” it just makes “a perfectly stiff front end with no bounce” also this setup holds reverse entries on every Forza game ever made I HAVE tested it on all of them.

I’m sure you are right about tire pressure, and the accel on the diff and the caster on 5 creating less understeer, though but I’m not that into it and I like the understeer I don’t like my car overcorrecting and I like to have to force it where I want it to go, I personally stick with a 4-speed trans set up now too, regardless of what you say about it and gearing, and uhh "not having to care about it saying “not really needed” isn’t a good mindset.

2.89 1.99 1.40 1.00 it’s the default gearing of the 4-speed in the rtr drift mustang they just released for every car in fh5…and I like shifting while drifting it makes me stay closer to the competition and have better fine control IMO I can use the clutch more. TRY IT OUT

I’m top 1000th+ on fm6 for multiple maps drift scores and like top 1% or under for all fh5 drift zones…you sound like you didn’t even try the tune before commenting though so I doubt you care…but thanks anyway for the info.

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