[GUIDE] Beginner Drift Tuning

Hey guys, this guide is how I personally tune a car from scratch and what I do to achieve a somewhat driftable tune.
Also, Private Freeroam removes drivatars. So if you want less traffic on the road to get those 3 shiny things, that is how you do it.

Upgrades ----------------------------------------------

Note: Personally I try to keep the cars performance around A class. Not too fast and not too slow.

Everything stock except,
Sport Flywheel
Upgraded Turbo’s if you need more power

Platform and Handling
Race everything,
Rollcage & Weight Reduction is optional

Race everything.

Tires & Rims
Tire compound - Stock
Front Width - Optional
Rear Width - I prefer making the rear wider.
Rims & Size - Optional


I like changing the engine to around a V8 Twin Turbo, everyone is different.

Tuning -------------------------------------------------

Tires can be tricky, finding the sweet spot where your tires grip just enough is your goal.
I drift in a 95’ BMW M5, my settings are,
Front - 2.8
Rear - 2.5
Try to keep your front tires at a higher pressure.

I suggest doing your gearing last.
Most prefer to drift in 3rd gear, this is so you have gears to change to in different instances. Like losing speed you can drop down a gear.
Gearing is trial and error, what you want to focus on is your Final Drive, go drift around corners in 3rd and try to see if you are red lining too quickly or you don’t have enough power and adjust your final gear. You want to be able to drift most corners and still have around 1k revs to play with.

Front Camber - anything just don’t change it to positive.
Rear Camber - anything just don’t change it to positive.

Toe Front - 5.0, This will allow you to get angle easier.
Toe Rear - 1.5, This is optional but I do prefer a little.

Front Caster - 7.0, I don’t have a reason just do it.

Anti-Roll Bars
I set both usually to around 25%.

Springs - I set both usually to around 25%.
Ride Height - Optional, note sometimes you want to have your front a little higher to compensate the weight of the engine.

I usually set all to around 25%.


Force - 0%
Pressure - 120%
This is optional / style based.

Acceleration - 100%
Deceleration - 0%

Hope this helps all the learners.
Raid - Just got 113K on Double Hairpin, - YouTube


Thanks for the directions. I suck at drifting - almost as much as the dude with that ugly haircut from F&F Tokyo Drift. 40k is the most I currently get out of any drift challenge. Gonna try your settings.

I’m always open to lend a hand, also if anything is confusing in the guide let me know. I will try my best to fix it.

In another post you mentioned doing drift challenges in private-online sessions to have no drivatars messing your drifting . That is the most valuable hint out there! Maybe think about adding it to your tutorial. I’m getting better at drifting now but I’m still way behind simple AWD-powersliding,. Drifting is more fun though :smiley:

Gonna try your BMW tonight.

thanks for the tips! drift noob here but its so much fun! will try the private session drifting too as traffic can be a pain!