Sharing liveries

Is anyone else having difficulty sharing liveries? Whenever I try to share one, I get the loading circle spinning for a minute or two, then an error message that just says “try again later”. If it makes any difference, the liveries I’m trying to share are ones I’ve imported from previous Forza games. Thanks

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Yeah, I’ve had the same thing happen on and off. Most likely a server issue on the MS/T10 side. I’ve just given it a while and come back later and was able to share them.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be working for me - I’ve had this issue since getting the game on Friday. I’ve tried every day (if that isn’t a definition of “later”, I don’t know what is!) but still get the same message.

I’m guessing it’s something to do with them being imported.

I asked a similar question yesterday but no one responded.

I’m trying to share a design with my own vinyl group on it, but can’t, it’s locked. Only thing I can think of is because I imported that group.

Still doesn’t make sense though, I should be able to share my OWN work shouldn’t I?

Yes, you should. I have already imported designs and vinyls from previous games and been able to share them.

I found that I couldn’t share liveries at first. I tried later when the US would be quieter and had no problem. I think its simply a lot of downloading and sharing going on at once. Imported stuff should be fine…

OK, so I seem to have got this sorted now. Initially I still wasn’t having any luck - I’d tried making a couple of liveries available in the first thing in the morning and later in the evening, but kept getting the “try again later” message. I then tried to share a photo, and that worked no problem. Our of curiosity, I quickly threw together a simple livery created in FM7 and tried sharing that - it worked! I then tried sharing one of my imported liveries, and that went up too. So, the message seems to be, if you’re having problems sharing liveries that you’ve imported from previous games, try creating and sharing one in FM7 first, then share your older ones.

unfortunately that little trick didnt seem to work for me. Yes, i can make a quick junk one in FM7 and upload it but it still doesn’t like to share any imported designs. BTW, anyone else getting odd colour palette swapping on import? Some of my red cars are now blue, etc.