servers unavailable

Hi everyone. I just completed the fast and furious dlc and unlocked the car. I also got the supra from rewards. But every time I start up horizon 2 on xbox one it says the servers are unavailable. This has been going on for over 24 hours now. Anyone else have the same error or know how to fix it? I cant access any messages, online road trips or market place in game.

Bump. Its been 2 days now and its still down. Anyone else having this problem?

My save has no problem synching. Plus both those links say xbl is all up and running and the game still says servers unavailable for me. Anything else it could be?

Have you tried a cold boot? Also, which Xbox are you using?

Cold boot? I’ve restarted from off a few times. And xbo

“Cold boot” on the Xbox One is:

1 - Out of all games or programs, and in the Dashboard, hold the Xbox button down on the console until the Xbox One shuts down.
2 - REMOVE the power connection on the wall side plug OR remove the connector from the external power pack, wall-side.
3 - DRAIN the entire power from the external power pack until the light on the power pack no longer glows orange.
4 - Reconnect the power to the external power pack.
5 - Boot your Xbox One console as you normally do.
6 - Do nothing on the console until all items have been restored and you’re returned to the Dashboard.

That is a system reset. Shutting down the console and restarting is NOT a reset.

Additionally: When you finish playing a game, return to the Dashboard using the Big X button on the controller (or wheel), which places your game in the largest active game window. THEN use the three-horizontal button on your controller (next to the Blue X button) and select QUIT from the menu selections.

To do otherwise when you’re leaving one game and going to another or shutting down the Xbox One console entirely, is breaking the connection with the game without closing it out safely.

Thanks for.that. I always quit my games on the dash. And I had it unplugged overnight and its still not working this morning. All my other games work fine online and I can access xb store through dash. Just forza horizon that has the issue.

Ok this is coming up to 3 days now. Can someone from forza please fix this for me. I still cant access any online features on horizon 2. Starting to get annoyed.

Since this is the weekend, and no devs work these days, you’ll need to wait until at least Monday. The forum Moderators are just like you and I are in capabilities, besides being volunteers of their time.

Checked it again and its still not working this morning. Anybody have any idea how to fix this?

Could it be because your NAT type is strict?

Nope. Its open or moderate. Was working before I downloaded the fast and furious dlc. All other games I have work online including forza 5.

Try and see if this solution solves your problem… I had something else but maybe my solution will work for you too…

Ok its been almost a week now. I’ve tried 2 different modems. My Nat is open. Its still saying server unavailable. Really annoying me. Cant redeem my forza rewards and cant do any online stuff. Please fix this turn 10

You say you’ve finished F&F, have you tried deleting it?

Well over a week now and still saying servers unavailable. Deleted fast and furious. Deleted and reinstalled all content for horizon 2. Tried on another connection at my friends house. Still saying unavailable. All other games work on 360 and xbox one. Even forza 5 which has no issues at all. Called xbox support and they palmed me off as well. I need this fixed.

Have you checked the service alerts page to see if it is not an actual server issue?

Are you sure it’s also not due to other reasons? There have been intermittent server issues that lasted from about two weeks ago to roughly a week ago. Have you tried playing on a console that has been banned or has a banned gamertag on it? Have you tried checking your personal network settings at home?

I would recommend checking your network settings at home, doing a power cycle on your wireless router - wouldn’t hurt to do one on the Xbox One at the same time - and then attempting to play.

Also, if you play wireless, try it on a hardwire and if you play wired try accessing the game while on wireless. See if it makes any difference.

My account and console are fine as all other games work. Was on wireless bit am on wired now. Power cycled everything multiple times. Just had no luck at all with online for horizon 2 for over a week.

I’m sorry, that must really suck. At this point I would refer you to Xbox Customer Support but you’ve already done that to no avail. I’m unsure of other steps you could attempt at this time; however, you can still play Horizon 2 solo right? You can do the solo championships if they’re not all complete.

Online is down for you which means that rivals and storm island is as well, right?