Server issues and blocked features since update

Hi guys I have a problem with FH5, since this last update.
The server doesn’t work, let me explain: the auction house, forzathon, liveries and the message center no longer work as they are blocked.
It’s already been like this for two days and I don’t know what’s causing it…
I find it really absurd that before the update everything worked perfectly while now online services such as auction house, message center, forzathon, festival playlists and liveries are blocked

Are you PC or console?

If PC, check that your firewall hasn’t started blocking the Forza exe if it’s been modified with the update (happened to me once, ages ago) - if not, other than that, hopefully someone else will come along with a better idea than me!

@AntonioDC04 please submit a ticket at Forza Support so they can investigate your account.

Just in case, note the Privacy Settings note at the bottom of this article:

PC, i have bought the game in xbox app, but how can i check it?

The options are ticked, both private and public, but nothing changes. I can’t find forzahorizon5.exe, because I installed the game with the xbox app

@AntonioDC04 Are you still experiencing this issue?

Could you also try the network troubleshooting from the support article here.

Multiplayer, Online, and Network Connection Troubleshooting – Forza Support (

I still have this problem, i have uninstalled and installed the game, but nothing changed. I can’t find anyone who can solve the problem, not even the Forza Support team

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