Forza 5 server unavailable

Hi,i bought my Forza 5 on 9/12/14 but till now i can’t access any online feature like multiplayer,rivals,market place and message center
it says always feature unavailable the forza motorsport 5 server is not available at this time.
can someone please help me with this please!

Assuming you bought your Xbox last week, did you make sure it can connect freely to the outside world?

Lacking information in your first post, I could point you to DHCP-assignments, portforwards and whatnot but usually I get yelled at because “people already done that but fail to mention”.

Im having the same problem. I brought the xbox 2 weeks ago and I had to reinstall forza twice because it wouldn’t start and now none of the online features work anymore, I paid for the car packs and some tokens but they have been wiped. Everytime I try to go multiplayer, message centre, rivels or anything online I get a message saying the servers are not working try again later and its been like this for days. Ive tried unplugging it, restarting it and im not reinstalling it again. Online works on other games xbox is nothing but a waste of time all ive had is problems I should have got a ps4. Any ideas?

Forza servers are having problems. I couldn’t connect last night. It happens every now and then. As far as your PS4 comment, you made a great decision on Xbox One.

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Been having this same problem for about 2 months now

Me too…all I would want to see is a reply from a developer saying it is being worked on.

Still can’t play online…wish someone from Turn 10 could give me an update.

Go into settings, then Network/Advanced Settings/Alternate MAC address. Click on ‘Clear MAC address’, then cold reset your xbox. This will help with any NAT issues you may be having. Hopefully this will help.
On another note though, there is currently an advisory on the Live network for issues regarding content and purchases. So they are currently having issues with the network.

I appreciate trying to help, but I’ve done all NAT troubleshooting. Nothing is wrong with my network. Battlefield works completely fine, it’s just Forza.

Hi guys,it took me 2 months after i bought forza 5 to finally play it online and 1 month after i bought horizon 2 to play it online
but now i have the same problem again,i’m starting to hate these forza games and this xbox one.

Hi guys,i have a problem with my Forza 5 and Horizon 2
About 3 weeks now i can’t access any online feature in Forza 5 and Horizon 2 on my Xbox One
when i try to access an online feature it show always this message:FEATURE UNAVAILABLE the Forza Motorsport 5 server is not available at this does the same with Horizon 2
can some one please help me out!
All my other games are working fine,it’s only these Forza games again.


im having a similiar issue. i can do rivals, and i can get into the lobbies. it will even find me a match but when it tries to send me to the race itself it says i am unable to join. and, i did the whole reconfigure my wireless thing even tho the xbox says my NAT is open. any help / advice would be appreciated