Series 35 Festival Playlist Preview


decent series, let’s see what this car pack looks like

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S1 900 Chevy Camaro in the dirt? Count me in something different finally. I really like how he pointed out lets show them the classes so the tuners can get their cars ready. He does actually pay attention…and he is not allowed to take a forza live off ever again.


Very good update!! Love the Yaris and the bodykits!! :+1:


Share the new props please. :blush:

No way…!!

This is awesome! :smiley:

clearly this car pack should have come out last month, but I’ll take it


I’m buying it immediately. Luckily I have 5 euros from the Xbox app points :slight_smile:

Definitely have to give them credit for the level of detail & including all 3 car variations from the Back to the Future series & mods for K.I.T.
I missed the price…

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Tour has a load of S1 Dirt events that Camaro’s are eligible for even when not including the Anything Goes ones.

Anyway decent looking series I think too, first Trial though only looks good on paper, you’d think 2010’s Ford = lots of choice, and it does but most of them are poor choices, and the best car is head and shoulders above the rest but auto users won’t be able to get anywhere near getting the best out of it.


10,00€/$ for 5 cars (well, basically 3 cars because 3x DeLorean).

Certainly more appealing than the Fast X pack but I’ll wait for performance reviews.
K.I.T. with the bodykit could be something. The Jurassic Park Jeep as well.


this is what I’m looking forward to, '92 wrangler safari, hopefully they don’t ruin it

$10 unfortunately, wygd :person_shrugging:t2:

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Yeah, I was afraid of that. Not sure the novelty will outweigh the cost imo & doubt we will get the 50% discount bug again :joy:


i think the car packs are like fancy toys for completionists. and occasionally one of them is pretty good. this doesn’t look like it’ll have the same issues as FF, with the high pi


A street Trial could be interesting now that the AI traffic is working. I like the unpredictability.

Edit: Tough to tell what race that is based on the thumbnail.

Guessing it may be intentional but if my maths is correct the Kia won’t be obtainable until the 2nd season regardless, 79pts is the max for the first one (73 + the 6 from the Monthly Rivals added on to the following 3 seasons).


it matters less in street racing than any other type, they’re all similar sprints with some minor exceptions

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I’d still like to familiarize myself with the race. Feel like it gives me an advantage in the Trial.

Edit: Although, I’ve ran all of the street races a lot recently setting times with the '74 Civic.

Thought it was kind of funny that Joe mentioned people on Reddit were upset that we didn’t get the restrictions last series when he was gone. I read Reddit a lot and don’t remember any complaints.

It was here where they got the complaints:)