Series 34 Festival Playlist Preview

missing a bit of info lol


trial thumbnail

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Understatement :rofl:

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well, we now have the very least important info for next week


Any guess on the Trial restriction and track?

Zooming in pretty sure it’s going to be s1 or s2…but I am not good at identifying cars anymore on here. Their are so many. I was hoping for A class…but the cars say otherwise.

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I’m not good at identifying cars but they could be S1 Retro Supercars. Not sure about the track.

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It’s getting harder the more cars they add lol.

The white car really looks like an Enzo to me. The blue one looks like a Bugatti EB110 but some of the details look different. I can’t think of anything else that matches the wedge shape offhand. Retro Supercars seems likely. But :person_shrugging:

Edit the red car reminds me of the Porsche 911 GT1.

I think the red is McLaren. Not sure which one as they all look same to me.

It could be, McLaren F1 GT was my first thought but the low centered grill reminded me more of the Porsche.

Bugatti eb110, McLaren f1, and Ferrari Enzo

retro supercars S1 is my guess


I’m willing to bet without even looking that every week is a “retro” category


Thanks for posting this. Legit disappointed the devs didn’t show us the car restrictions.
It saves me an incredible amount of time knowing ahead of time what I need to tune. My local reset is Thursday at 10:30 in the morning and I work overnight, so weekly event info ahead of time is crucial.
Thanks again!


the guy filling in seemed to have no idea what’s going on. I work overnights with a 10:30 changeover too :sunglasses:


This is going to be a stacked trial…the 91 jag, the enzo, the eb 110, the lotus, the mercedes clk, and the 2005 ford. Also the 93 McClaren…Going to be hard to decide this time. That’s a very good list to choose from!!

Max said he’ll be posting the full season playlist event restrictions on Monday.


Looks like the Trial thumbnail is Llanuras sprint.

I didn’t get the angle exactly right but this has to be it.


I’m going to say you’re spot on with that :+1: Good job.


Great job…If you look at the S1 rivals leaderboards…pretty much a wash for this one. Jaguar holds pretty much all the best times…their are a few enzo and lotus thrown in there, but the jaguar runs that course lol.