Series 25 info thread



  • Summer: July 30 - August 6
  • Autumn: August 6 - 13
  • Winter: August 13 - 20
  • Spring: August 20 - 27


#TorbenTuesday is a clue provided by Playground Games about upcoming cars or content:


July 23: Forza Monthly has been announced^ and the Series 25 Update livestream is scheduled to precede it as a half hour show this month. All times are Pacific.
10:30am - Series 25 Update
11:00am - Forza Monthly

With Redirecting... shut down, be sure to follow Twitch and check for any planned streams.


TBA with the livestreams or written announcement, see the #TorbenTuesday clues.




The typical pattern is for a series content update to release on Tuesday or Wednesday prior to the Summer season, so ETA would be by July 29th. Release Notes are published at Forza Support:

Livestreams - July 27

Considering that Forza Motorsport isn’t out for awhile and the statement above, it’ll be interesting to see how long they (PGG and Microsoft) support Horizon 4. It’ll be even more interesting to see if they feel obligated to increase the present limits on tunes/routes/cars/etc.

By the way, Max, are you the only one left to do the moderating around here??? I noticed Dragnet isn’t ranked as a moderator anymore (NEVER thought I’d ever see that). Anyone else still helping you? Seems that even more of the old guard is disappearing.

I will bet you dollars to donuts that there will be no further improvements of any kind, whether for save files or otherwise. I’m not certain, but I thought they had even gone so far as to say in a past broadcast that it was impossible or something final to that effect. And as far as the service end date goes, my gut tells me it’s a LOT closer than we may realize and be ready for. I really hope they give us at least a month’s notice to the kill date and to not just spring it on us.

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Welp, guess I owe Audible a few dozen Krispy Kreme…

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Yuck…I hate Krispy Kreme…tastes like I’m eating a cloud with sugar. We Canadians prefer our Tim Hortons donuts. Once you try those you won’t go back…but I appreciate the offer…:+1:t2:Haha.

Yeah, this garage increase is welcome but hoping that the 175 custom route limit is also increased (and yes I have submitted a support ticket request). So I can get back to being creative but it’s not a deal breaker.

I figured Microsoft would be motivated to allow PGG to increase some space. Especially after seeing the dev-build on display during the last update stream, which showed 939 cars under the horizon promo sample menu. This, of course, includes NPC’s and HS’ versions, I’m sure. Still, interesting to see that many in total.

This good news motivated me to finally pick up the Hillman Imp (from the car pass) as it’s quite decent in B class dirt. I skipped about 60 cars from the auto show to save space. Currently sitting at 731 cars.

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lol!!! Is that with or without Maple Syrup?

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As a Canadian, I would like to say that Audible does not speak for us. A cloud with sugar? Yes, please.

Tim Horton’s is no longer Canadian, the quality has fallen off a cliff and has been on the decline for years. They are ubiquitous so they are still popular but that’s because most of the country has precious few alternatives. From a quick search it looks like there are only 11 Krispy Kreme locations in Canada and all in major centres. There have been news stories since the Rona started about hours long line ups at the KK closest to me. If KK had more locations, Tim Horton’s would go bankrupt.

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kill date = gifts

ya im a grandmaster cough ill be over at the forzathon shop

It’s a Australian themed series with Australian event callbacks and three new cars:
1988 Holden VL Commodore Group A SV
2011 HSV GTS

The “Welcome Pack” is a $2.99 DLC for new players that is included in the Ultimate Add-Ons Pack. It includes a group of cars from the game roster and the Sunflower Meadows player house to get new players running.
Ferrari F50
Jeep CJ5
2016 Hoonigan Focus
2017 Ford GT
Baja rally
Subaru rally car
Porsche 718 RS60
Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

Also, Tommy Bargains is back in the #Forzathon Shop. Look for deals each day from the 30th of July through 5th of August.

No major fixes or tweaks in this update.

“We are aiming to” increase the garage limit in Series 26 along with car reset timing.



One of my biggest most recent gripes about the game is the reset timing.

I’ve never hit the garage limit, but I’ve been anxiously close for a while now.


The Season 26 garage limit increase and rollover reset fix for Season 26 is good news. Great.

By the way PG, are you guys really working on the body kit update?
We’ve been waiting for this update for over a year now. And finally they have stopped even talking about this update.
It’s too hard to keep waiting in anticipation for an update that never comes every month.


No 120 FPS :frowning: What’s the point of new 60 FPS if we already have it? Why Dirt 5 can have it?

FH4’s physics don’t work properly on PC past 60fps. Some tunes of cars are way down on top speed if you run the game above 60fps. My PC can happily run the game at 120fps, but I run it at 60fps for this reason.

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Yeah, I think it’s for 30 FPS too. It works a bit different on 30 FPS on consoles.

What cars do you mean? If you mean broken cars with speed glitch they can remove it easily with some patch.

Like the DJ Lime tune for the 599 XX Evo. It goes a lot faster on a PC at 60fps than higher fps. On a PC at 30fps it does the same speed as at 60fps.

It’s a bug, they can remove it. It destroys my speed traps because kids use it. But it’s interesting it has same speed on PC because some of my friends has much higher speeds than me. It must be broken completely.

For me, adding cars & welcome cars pack is kind of artificial breathing assistance. Looks like big brother FM is not sharing resources power pack/possibly stole those of FH.

That said, car reset update removed and garage enhanced, is sign of some info going from player base to team which is a good thing ( ask lot , expect ultimate little )

I have to admit I am lost by this ray tracing thing, if there is one single thing I have never considered as an issue with FH it is graphics quality. Just removing the car reset update they did will bring back 10 times more fun than ray tracing could add.


Is ranked ranked team adventure points gotta be fixed yet?

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