Series 25 info thread

They’ve been broken since years ago and they will never be fixed. We’ve just accepted the fact that the team behind it is useless and we got scammed into thinking this game has a team ranked mode.

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Lame only 3 cars that have already been in FH3. what about all the other cars in the LEAKED CAR LIST. also GRID and THE CREW have the JESKO why can’t forza ? getting a bit stale might go play the crew more fun at this point.

There are factors in getting cars into FH4 & other games. Licensing, cost, and a vehicle like that, might take a bit to be able to get one to model for the game. Perhaps T10/PG might not have plans on putting it in, and not everyone cares about super & hypercars you know. So if it is getting somewhat dull for you, fair enough, go and do that then. My personal opinon & some others as well, it doesn’t matter if it makes it in or not. On another note, from one of the clues proivded i had a feeling the VS GTS-R would come through, 85 built in 1996 which goes with the 85 & 96 part of the clue, and the “hellah yella” one indicates the color, the GTS-R only being in that yellow. And am happy to see them come through again too, having the E3 GTS (that is the newest one of the three) on the open road will be a nice thing too.


Double post by accident there

This Holden’s cars is very good. Thanks you. :heart_eyes:

the toyota celica 1992 iz in series 25…thats a 20 million dolar auction car…

ad to that the 1994 celica…

and the porsche emory 356 iz another good find…

the ford puma to

So…garage slots?

I think the community is waiting for more tune and livery slots as well.


100% Agree!

The tunes and liveries slots need updated to at least the number of garage slots, so you can have more than one tune for some cars.

Even if the tune/livery slots matched the garage limit, that would be OK as some cars you won’t bother tuning, leaving sparte slots for multiple tunes on certain vehicles.

I get sick of searching for existing tunes of mine to delete (which is a time consuming PITA), in order to create tunes for newly released cars.


Is no one else worried they’ll break the game again with the garage limit update? I’d almost prefer they leave it alone.

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LOL, sure, but I will start it after people here :smiley:

Now thats a boring update this time.

All cars from Forza 7 :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

But hey, they already messed it up with Forza 8 not being avaible in 2020.
Lets continue their downfall and NO an upgrade for HZ4 won‘t sell me a Series X.

I totally agree, a 2020 Forza game should be able to run on a 4 year old middle of the range equipment! That’ll get those sales up and people happy!

The important thing is this is our last Horizon for next 3 years. I don’t have a problem with it but won’t buy new Xbox for it. Maybe some DLC for new X will come?

I guess you’re right, they will just do some advertising for a raytracing SX version of FH4, possibly some DLC we all know are worth a week of game or so and that will be it. Would be consistent with Xbox event. Employees still in this M$ game division look pretty much like good people with no resources trying to deal with big boss plans and communication.

I hope that FH4 is not such a fail that they won’t even consider a FH5.

Nice Holdens but I don’t understand why the 1992 Falcon GT wasn’t included along with them… Maybe because Ford for some funny reason wants to label all Ford cars as “American”?

Also, the IROC-Z is yet to come…

There are a few nice cars that could still come to FH4. Lexus for example has the SC400/Soarer and the RC-F, complete with full Liberty Walk bodykit. The Alfetta GTV6 would be perfect for the game as well because it has a myriad of body parts. It depends on whether Playground wants to do it.

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Horizon 4 is one of the greatest games ever for me. It’s so good. Sales should be fine. If not it’s a console seller and you don’t need profit from the game.

But Xbox like a console is worse. X and X360 were great but after that probably new people came and destroyed it. X1 wasn’t complete fail but new Xbox continues with lowering quality. I don’t know why.

There is an UPDATE today 2.51 GB.

Is this a new low for the Forza series, charging good money for a DLC pack of cars which are readily available in-game?

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I thought it was for people who don’t own the Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition or Ultimate Add-ons Bundle.

I don’t like the idea of charging people for some standard cars which anyone can get in the game just by playing for a few hours. I wonder if the game warns people that they don’t NEED to buy it, to get those cars?